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Nuisance order locks up Cell

This has obviously been an on going investigation. The owners of the establishment knowingly serve underage week after week. Needless to say that is not only illegal, but also irresponsible. There's a reason a legal age is put on alcohol. There's been many acts of violence in that place and it mostly comes from young people not knowing how to conduct themselves when under the influence. The place has lost a great deal of thier older crowd so became very leniant on serving underage. Basically what it comes down to is they didn't care as long as they were making their money. Not to mention some of the staff were extremely racist. If an establishment is going to be 18^ there should be tight security monitoring those drinking & not playing favorites to those ppl they kno are drinking underage. Any place with that behavior deserves to be closed down. Perhaps if they appealed to an older crowd and changed admission to strictly over 21 the establishment wouldn't have to deal with these problems & it would be a nice place to frequent

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