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Cylar may be out as Liberty football coach

My children attend Liberty high school and believe me when I tell you, the principal Mr. Aducci is a very racially conflicted person. He believes all the Black children that attend the high school are there on open enrollment and can't believe that we have homes there and live in the township. My senior daughter also attended the rally, and besides a few students going just to get out of class, it was peaceful and without incident. She stated that Mr. Aducci called the police to the school to report rioting hours after the rally was over, but upon the polices arrival, there was no rioting and the kids had settled down by then. Those kids did not threaten anyone. My daughter text me and informed of the suspensions he threatened the kids with before they even left to go protest. It is a shame when you have white kids there using and selling drugs, cursing at teachers and being extremely disrespectful and nothing gets done, but if my daughter walks out of the class because she asked to use the restroom four times and is told to sit there and hold it gets a detention or in school suspension, there is something very wrong. I have researched Mr. Aducci and this is not his first rodeo with school problems. He has had many racial problems in other school districts. Our kids got tired of it and had to practice their right to fight for equality. All kids deserve a good education and that is one of the many reasons why my husband and I moved there, and I am sure that is why a whole bunch of families moved there. Only a very small percentage is there on open enrollment. Very small percentage! What Cyler does for the students there at the school is what they need to look at, not who he is asked to speak about in court.

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Cruze sales for October up 34% over ’11

Where's all the cynics? I love seeing numbers like this no matter whose president, but especially since Obama is! I'm tired of the instant gratification generation that thinks things are supposed to get better at the snap of a finger. Tell all of those so called business ppl, to let go of the over 15trillion dollars that they have in offshore accounts and release it back into our country!

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A day for Austintown's 'Mr. Bill'

Images like this does my heart good....In the harshness of this country's recent history, it's times like this that keep me from faultering in my belief of humanity. I will pray for 'Mr. Bill' everyday for his recovery and pray that he can get back to his normalcy called living life! You kick cancer's butt Mr. Bill!

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Romney ads draw fire from automakers

You know everyone on here wants to praise Romney and crap on Obama for giving out tax payer's money...It started under Bush and at least what Obama gave, GM is required to pay and have paid back most of what was owed....Now, all of you here want to bring up Benghazi and yell all sorts of irrelevant Republican talking points. Benghazi is being taken care of and at least there are suspects that have been arrested! Now, if the parents and spouses WANT Romney and you Republicans to stop POLITICIZING this, then I think you need to honor the families wishes and let our government do their job! Now, the question is, why isn't there any outrage to Romney's $15.3 Million cut of the Delphi money and bailout money. Where is the outrage for the $77,000 tax deduction for their horse? Where's the outrage for his begging the fed government for billions for the Olympics? Where's the outrage for his protesting IN FAVOR OF THE VIETNAM war in a country that we so hated during the Iraqi debacle? Where is the outrage for his vp's pick of bashing the bailout then begging for some of that mullah? Where is the praise for the President for keeping this country from falling off the grid financially? Where is the praise for the president for keeping this funky state afloat financially? That bailout didn't just save GM, it saved so many other businesses that depend on GM and it's workers to keep in business? Where is the praise for our president on the 14% rise in oil production? The rise in employment and lowering of the unemployment...and don't give me that crap about, oh not counting those that have left the work force (which accounts for 10,000 daily retiring of baby boomers), and this way has been done for decades, but when Obama is president, for some reason, it's not acceptable! Where is the praise for our president for taking down more potential terrorist and terrorist acts in our country in the history of any president. Where is the praise for the ONLY 1.4 TRILLION that he has added to the deficit that so many of you Republicans try to lie to the American ppl saying that he is the most spending president in history...and that has been debunked by EVERY SINGLE ECONOMIST AND CBO, MBO AND MORE! You know, I really wish that ppl would just be honest with themselves and in turn can be honest with others. I have an answer for Benghazi....Bush over 12,000 American lives lost under his policies and 4 Americans dead under Obama's watch...But Bush's policies altogether! Be honest ppl, all of those that can't stand having this Black man in office telling you what to do (which is a crock because we are a free country) just think how we (us colored, all of us colored ppl) felt for over 200 years! Now, here's a test....Take everything that he accomplished, and imagine his face and his body and his family as....wait..........


*Get a clue and stop being hateful....stop TRYING to be Christian and actually BE Christian!*

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Christie: Expect ‘mean’ Obama

FACT: GM has paid back the money that president Obama has given them with interest....if you knew anything and I mean anything at all, look it up. The only monies that weren't paid back were the monies that were given by Bush. Also, contrary to popular reporting, the TARP money has been mostly paid back also. But you won't see or hear of those success stories in the news, only some fast ticker running across shows like Morning Joe. Can't let the real success of Obama out or of course, it's a conspiracy! So long as the numbers are so-called in favor of Republican thinking and views, they have to be accurate, but as soon as the numbers look to be in the president's favor, then we hear you all screaming about numbers being cooked. Deal with it....I am a severe Liberal with severe Liberal views but I know what I stand for and I will not fall for anything! This president has done plenty and if you go on the White House's website, you find out all the accomplishments of this administration. I am tired of hearing the groaning from the likes of you about GM. Just ask the GM employees if the stimulus was a bad idea. Ask all those small to medium companies that depend on GM's business if the stimulus was a bad idea! I was a contracted worker for GM when all the crap went down and the company I worked for survived GM's downfall and although I don't work for that company now, if it weren't for the bailout, that company would have lost over 5,000 employees....just think of how many lives that would have effected....negatively! YOU may not be reaping the rewards of the GM bailout, but there are Democrats as well as Republicans enjoying the fact that the bailout did work!

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Staples to speed up closure of 15 US stores

Isn't this the same Staples everyone is bragging about Bain Capital saving? Well, looks like captain save'em didn't do a good job....just like the other companies they didn't save! And yeah, I already know what's coming....BRING IT ON!

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Romney: ‘Victims’ comment not elegantly stated

No, Greene, nice try. If you knew anything and I mean anything at all, you'd know, all the ppl I know, whom voted for Obama in 08 and whom are voting for him this election ALL PAY INCOME TAX. And the NAACP, Sandra Fluke do NOT have a victim mentality. Sorry to burst your republican bubble. If you knew anything, you'd know that insurance companies cover Viagra and why...that's not an health issue! But they won't cover Birth Control pills, that are rarely used for Birth control, but for many women's health issues! You even saying that we play the victim let's me know you are part of that great Youngstown racist mentality. If you knew anything, you'd know that it's more Whites on government assistance than any other race. So, who has that entitled victim mentality? Here's some facts for you greene: 49% OF WELFARE RECIPIENTS ARE WHITE; 26% ARE BLACK; 20% ARE SPANISH AND 8% OTHER RACES. So my dear, whom exactly has that victim mentality again? If you knew anything, you'd know, at only a gross income of two working adults in my houselhold of only $35,000 a year we pay a combined income tax of over 60%. My husband is at 37% so far and I make slightly more than he does an hour and I'm at 42%. So you and that racist POS Romney can kiss my taxed arse! And back in chains was meant as in "the government will put you back in chains by voter suppression, by raising your know, chaining you down financially. But someone with a small mind like yours, would like to think that way...but won't admit your guy is an extreme elitlist racist! and so are MOST of the g-no-p! Hey, don't get mad because the brother has not only up staged your guy in results, but also in intelligence, morality, compassion, action and even in the wife department. I hope your kids never leave home so they can show you what a real victim is!

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Ohio unemployment rate down for 10th month in a row

okay, so 4.5 mill jobs in 25 months don't count as job creation, hhmm. Well, I guess we can give Romney the credit since he will take it anyway....There a plenty of jobs in the papers, it's a shame that ppl are so picky yet constantly complain that they don't have a job and lets blame the Black guy. Hey, it's been done for years so why stop now, right?

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Buffalo Wild Wings closing June 22 in Youngstown

Here here city_resident, here here!

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4 white women claim racial discrimination at JFS

The funny thing is, I had been on government assistance for a many of years and glad to say that I no longer need them, but I have never had a Black/Brown case worker. I know there are plenty there but there are way more White case workers there and believe me, most of them treated me like I was a leper. I know this can be very stressful to deal with at work and I don't condone discrimination from any color/race/gender and hope that something can be resolved. But I have witnessed first hand going there how a lot of the Black/Brown case workers were talked to by their counterparts. I saw nastiness coming from the White women and have seen how some of the Black women actually coward by not addressing this. I am not saying that it has not happened to the Whites because I am sure it has. But at the risk of sounding cliche`: Well, now they know how we have been feeling for centuries and still feel today. Welcome to racism, it sucks, doesn't it?

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