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Postgame thoughts from YSU-Indiana State (updated)

YSU was "Outstanding" in it's overall play in it's victory over Indiana State. Coaches are doing a better job eliminating confusion and not wasting time outs as in the past. YSU players are "good guys" and always have had "heart". Now playing to their potential has caught up to their "heart". Consistent top level performance would be their next hurdle, shoud they make it to the playoffs. If no playoffs, then let's watch for it next year as our defense, special teams, and wide receiving team has now stepped up to a higher level.

Two callouts from me on YSU's victory over Indiana State..
1) How about Nick Liste's kickoffs? Wow they eliminated the run backs that had burned us in the past.
2) Michael Wheary- I've watched this number 9 all season. This kid is tough for a small slender guy. I've seen him take huge hits from big hard hitting guys and shrug them off. Watch him develop further next year.

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Postgame thoughts from YSU's first win since September


Thank you for your article in the sports football section on Friday Nov. 9.. You are 100% on target with your comments. Wofford's attitude and approach disappoints me, especially because he has a team with great young atheletes that haven't reached their potential and haven't acheived consistency in the game---not because of any fault of theirs, but because of coaching.

I've witnessed confusion on the sidelines and unnecessary time outs that have cost us games over the past two years. We can't and shouldn't blame the players for that.

I'm sorry, as much as I try, I just do not like the attitude the coach Wofford displays when he speaks.

You are right, he should be humble and take responsibility without blaming his players or the media. The media has been very patient with him. Now it is time for him to grow up and place his ego in a shelf in his basement, and support his players in their growth as young men.

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