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South Side woman threatened by men won’t return home

I am confused....This lady is afraid of these two men but has her picture in the Vindy?.l...Now they can see what they thought they seen....Sometimes you can't fix stupid.....

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Region's reps differ widely on historic vote

It's all about the money......It's all about the personal agenda's.....It's all about the back room promises......Fools, all of them fools and being led to slaughter....I will NOT vote for anyone who has anything to do with the passage of this bill........I want to know what has happened to the so call "sin" tax that was instituted last summer for healthcare of under previledged children.......where has that money gone?........Sorry Charlie, wrong tuna!

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Rep. Wilson will vote for health care bill

I say Charlie's term in office is long overdue.....I say vote for new representation next time around.....These hang around politicians are not for the people they all have their own agenda's.....They are WRONG and they have WRONGED the people....

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Woman gets nine years in prison for foster child’s death

Members of the girl’s biological family deseve to be put away for the child ending up in foster care in the first place.....There is are always two sides to every story then there is the truth.....My heart aches for this tradegy.....

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Michael Pavlik, brother of boxer, charged with domestic violence

Ok kids, fight nice......Let's NOT lose focus on the problem here......It is NOT about money and greed.......It is about a physical altercation between a man and a woman......Always remember, there are two (2) sides to every story and then there is the truth..........

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Foster mom avoids murder charge in toddler's death

Queenie, you took the words out of my mouth....I have the same reaction to the involvement of the family......Where were they when this child needed them most?.....I think they should all be barred from the courtroom because they will find a way to sue the Trumbull County Childrens Board even though they gave up total custody of this baby...I am so sorry for this child and can't imagine this happening to my child or grandchild.....NO ONE will or would have taken care of my reponsibilities......Shame on this family, they have NO family values.........NONE

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The house being built by love

Loti33, I took your advice and went to and checked out the project sponsors along with the pics and video of the Joe Kaluza Project and found it to be very informative.....I am so proud of our community, the sponsors and all of the average, everyday people for all the caring, sharing and giving of themselves.....Good times or bad we will always be there to help one another.....Hats off to the Core 6 once again for coming to the rescue of a well planned and deserving project...Makes me wonder who will be next on their list......Hmmmmmmmm

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Sex offender too close to school, South Side resident contends

I commend Mr. Vaughn for his efforts of making our world a better place to live......I am sorry the laws aren't worth the ink or paper they are written on sometimes....Mr. Vaughn, you can sleep tonight knowing you did all you could do to keep our children safe........Thanks for being there..........

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All Hubbard dispatchers notified of layoffs

Oh my last nerve....Maybe this is a situation where the Obama volunteers can get there start....

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Have you tried Cash4Gold? Tell us about it.

"IN GOD WE TRUST" (Everyone else, we verify)

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