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"Mercedes Benz"

Outstanding! I used to sing this in my car because the radio didn't work. Then I bought a Benz and it seemed kind of pointless after that.

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Got a story about your Cobalt? We want to hear it!

My neighbor has 4 late model GM cars including a Cobalt. He has bought GM all his life. The dealer called his Cobalt in for the recall. They told him it might take up to 30 days to fix it. "No problem - we'll give you a free loaner car." The loaner car they gave him was a new Nissan Altima. Now there is a problem. He doesn't want to give the Altima back. It does everything better than his Saturn Aura and Chevy Impala not to mention the Cobalt. Gets better mileage too. Made in the USA (every Altima ever made was made here). The car has a quality look and feel that you don't see in the GM cars. Memo to GM - If you're going to give people loaner cars, don't give them better stuff than what you make.

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Tressel applies for YSU presidency

Calling Tressel a crook is a bit strong, but he did bend, blink at, twist and otherwise ignore rules at OSU and was fired for it. Anywhere else this would disqualify you for such a position. But, in Youngstown..... maybe not.

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