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Judge releases woman from prison for her role in her nephew's death

Only the Youngstown courts!! WOW!

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A call to action

Oh my what the world?????

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Haitians see hand of God in quake

I have heard of voodoo but never really thought people were really, and I mean really practicing it. Boy that is really scary. Please don't think I havebeen in the dark about voodoo, but it just shocked me. Maybe a little ignotant to the facts. But I pray and hope they get the message about worshipping the true God.

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East High student expelled for bringing gun to school

O boy this makes me so upset what did happen to the gun? Please tell me they did not give it back to him? And where did the other ammunition come from? And no just expelling him is not going to do anything for him. He needs help!!

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Innocent pleas entered in double-fatal crash

Yeah Stan I agree with you that is crazy. But could it have been a friend of his? But then again if it was a friend, they must not really be a true friend. This is so sad.

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Pastor calls for Webb to resign

Youngstown City Schools are sad. Yes I agree parents need to take the responsibility of their children and teach them to respect the ones that are over them. The child lacks parental control. My four children grew up in a single parent household, but they knew when they went to school they better respect their teachers. I don't know where things went wrong in the school system. But something needs to be done. Yes I moved out of Youngstown and I can say I am glad I did!!

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Help sought for elderly woman living alone in West Side home

This is a sad story, and I must ask the same question as others have asked where are her family members or even a friend? How could someone leave a family member alone, especially in a world of crime and drugs.

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Strength to endure life’s trials grounded in faith

For me trying to live a life for Christ I do enjoy reading articles such as these. They let me know that the Lord still sits high and rules in His timing not ours. So to Marianne Lordi I thank you for such articles. May the Lord continue in His Word.

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Inmates give officials the slip

Why do these people have to be in comfort? So what they are uncomfortable, just maybe next time they will think about what they are going to go through before they commit a crime!! Comfort should not be an option.

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Pa. man steals $50, flees on Wal-Mart scooter

Yes this was too funny and crazy!!

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