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Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine


If an individual was caught dumping caustic chemicals into the Mahoning river they would probably be charged as a domestic terrorist or somethings, but when a company does, they just face a small fine.

Lupo should face separate counts for each individual endangered by this reckless act. I think Youngstown's population stands at 66,000 or so.

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Documents: CEO Lupo directed illegal dump of brine

formerdemliberal - why don't you shut up and drink so brine water.

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Cedars Lounge to close; new building owner is forcing the issue

I hope they replace it with an Italian restaurant. Something like Olive Garden, but with sports memorabilia. That would be original.

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What were young voters thinking?

The out of touch views of Mr. White and the comments inspired by are precisely why so many young people have fleeing the Mahoning Valley for more progressive pastures.

Who relaxed financial regulations leading to the worst financial crises since the great depression? Baby Boomers.

Who increased entitlements while decreasing government revenues? Baby Boomers.

Who lead the charge to fight two senseless and costly wars in the Middle East? Baby Boomers.

Who benefited from low cost public universities and then failed to adequately fund and control costs at those same universities leading to a massive accumulation of student loan debt for young generations? Baby Boomers.

This trend continues.

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Ursuline leads Valley schools with 9 AP courses

nothing beats an Ursuline education! except maybe the Ursuline alumni network.

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Lawsuit seeks to shutter Lemon Grove

In most cities this wouldn't even make the news. Props to all of you "conservatives" for bashing one of the few young people in the Mahoning Valley with even the slightest bit of entrepreneurial spirit.

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Developer buys Wick Building downtown

@southsidedave would your rather it be left vacant?

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Strickland, UAW say auto bailout saved the economy

@praxis95 By golly I think you've found a rift in the space time continuum! Decreased taxes and INCREASED revenue? Sign me up!

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Student T-shirt campaign supports cancer-stricken teacher

I had Mr. Reel as a teacher many many years ago. I remember on one occasion I was twirling a pen in my hand and somehow the pen launched into the air. The ink-pen missile fell just shy of hitting Mr. Reel. I was terrified (former students will know what I mean). He got very serious and then accused me of a "failed assassination attempt". A few seconds later he cracked a smiled and we went on with class. Aww, what a guy. Mr. Reel is one of those special teachers you'll remember for the rest of your life.

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Strickland, UAW say auto bailout saved the economy

@VINDYAK ::face palm:: ... that was the plan. The 'bailout' was a structured bankruptcy with the government meeting GM's liquidity demands. This warded off the private equity types (think Mr. Romney and Bain Capital) who would have hyper-leveraged the company, ripped it into pieces, and still filed bankruptcy. I prefer the former solution.

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