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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Starko- If you exit your little bubble of Y-town my opinions, beliefs, and feelings are shared by more than just a few which seems to sting a bit, huh?!. I would suggest taking the blinders off for a minute and leaving whatever fantasy island you claim to be on. You are a waste of time and again ignorance is bliss so continue to play the role as you do so very well!! Alonzo- How many other world class athletes seek medical treatment at St. E's? That is what I thought and the US News and World Report seem to disagree with you very much according to the rankings relative to hospital ratings. I don't know if you are truly a racist but from your naive ill-informed comment about Kelly being "white" to justify his laughable purses in comparison to others in the sport to your outrageous opinions it is pretty clear to me that you are in a world of your own now you throw in the "maybe"!! Classic if you ask me. Again, it is not personal and I really care less whether he fights again or doesn't. Too many other top notch fights have been made for the upcoming future and others are in the works present day. I will let you two have the last word since I wouldn't want to take anything possibly more away or even remotely raise any further speculation about your "almighty" Pavlik!! If the above arguments are the best you can bring to the table then it is surely a waste of time, effort, and energy to continue such a ridiculous debate. For your sake I will say a prayer at Sunday's mass that your boy does fight again since I wouldn't want to put either of you on the emotional roller coaster of worrying to such a degree that you resort to the above to attempt to sell this garbage off as fact which is fine because the bubble will indeed burst as it is only a matter of time. LOL Too funny but I thank you two clowns for playing as the entertainment value was most certainly there. I guess when it gets heated it is best to have someone on the Pavlik payroll start to post in order to paint such a pretty picture of Pavlik that you both do so very well which I must give credit where credit is due and I tip my hat to both of you.

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Pavlik-Williams fight postponed

Jealous of a punch drunk vocational school grad with experience in basket weaving and boxing. YEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spccpro, REAL jealous!!!!!!!!!

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Laughable at best but coming out in defense for your idol what more can be said. The kool aid they make you drink must taste pretty good?! I actually lost track of your excuses, you may have set a record. Your idol gets torched by Hopkins who is very much out of prime, slow, and ending a career. Are you seriously that naive, brainwashed, and uneducated? It is clear you don't know boxing but assuming you are a cop with the salaries you makes it is justifiable to supplement the weak income that you are on your idol's payroll blowing him after sparring sessions hence the stupidity you attempt to sell off here. WOW, quite impressive that you read two internet message boards with messages written by folks like yourself! Experts at there finest! Try listening to the analysts and former champions in all different weight classes, the verdict was clear that not only did your idol get embarrassed he was taught boxing lesson 101 every minute of the fight. How many rounds did Pavlik win? What were on the scorecards? Yes, kind of thought so but thank you for playing. Your points are so far fetched they are laughable and you look like a complete, absolute, and utter clown. Mayweather Jr. IS the best P4P fighter out there and he takes home $20+million per fight because people want to see one helleva good fight from a future HOF fighter, not because people want to see him lose. I love these statements, they show not only your lack of intellect, boxing knowledge, but how poorly you look to try and save face for Pavlik no matter what he does or doesn't do. Sadly for you the facts don't lie. I know it must make you a tad bitter, sting, and hurts but sometimes life does that. Your 5th point is the **gem**. Why? Almost as many said "why" to Lockett huh?! You are on a roll but atleast it brings entertainment to many including myself. If Mora didn't deserve the chance then surely Pavlik deserved the chance at Taylor after beating mostly all bums and C-list fighters?! Right on!!!!! You buy into propaganda and no one is buying it. If Pavlik has the balls let him travel to Europe to fight and no it is NOT a *certain* or even remotely close that he would need a KO in order to win. Instead of opening your laughable mouth stick to the facts, bring substance or something debatable versus two posts of absolute nonsense and garbage. Stick to patrolling the streets, lets just hope you know the law better than you know boxing although for the money they pay you I probably wouldn't bet on it. Can we have another opinion, emotional, and laughable injected response to defend your hero the almighty one in your eyes?!!

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Again, there is no agenda to suit as it is fair to say that the facts speak very clearly as to what happened versus emotion injected into responses by yourself and other posters to attempt to "justify" this loss. Kelly not making the big purses because he is "white"? OK!! Now that statement really shows your knowledge of this sport. Ever heard of Oscar from Golden Boy?!! I think I can end that ridiculous and outlandish statement right there. You will attempt anything to justify your here huh? No matter how far fetched your ideas are! Amazing..... "Because he is white"!!!! Ok!!!! The fight being in Atlantic City? Pretty easy one, live gate sales, profit margins, buys, etc, would never justify HBO going for it being at Mandalay Bay or the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Or maybe because Pavlik is "white"?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wouldn't bet the farm on Mayweather getting his mouth rearranged as there are many reasons that he is the best P4P fighter even after taking 18+ months off. I do not know what in fact you are trying to convey since the posts lacked of pretty much any and all substance. It is pretty clear atleast to me that they were filled with excuse after excuse, personal emotion, bias, etc, injected into basically everything that you stated backing nothing up with fact and mostly everything you stated are known and those riding your "hero's" bandwagon would state and standby regardless of fact. Unfortunately most aren't that naive to bypass facts to buy into the spin and propaganda. There is NO lack of support, it would be better stated that the boxing world IS seeing many questions answered, more unanswered, and a fighter that many thought WAS "overhyped" is coming to be true. Support has nothing to do with this, they aren't in the ring are they? Please rest assured that I am not taking this in any manner other than what the majority of boxing initially thought and believed, other than that I really could care less. Too many stronger, better, and proven fighters in different weight classes to go and see fight which actually makes me look quite forward to the upcoming near future. If Pavlik never fights again trust me I won't be losing any sleep whatsoever. I sincerely believe that if you look merely at the facts aside from all else then much of what others have stated including myself will make not only sense but will show emotion or bias is not part of any argument or debate.

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Contrary to popular belief I have no ill feelings towards Kelly Pavlik whom I know extremely well and was present at the three biggest fights of his career sitting ringside. 2500 miles away present day and waking up every morning to see the sun come up over the Pacific won't make many too angry. The two posts were due to "character limits" which I believe were 3000 hence the multiple back to back responses. On to bigger and better things, it is nonsense to state I have a "campaign against one of my own", as a "former" resident now on the left coast I merely call it as I see it with knowledge, substance, examples being the basis of the previous posts and statements minus any and all emotion nor bias. I have already stated numerous times and it is a moot point to beat a dead horse time after time, there becomes a point where you ultimately just sit back and laugh versus wasting time arguing against someone who certainly has a large agenda to fulfill on these messages. His medical condition is one of concern however it isn't of grave concern but needless to say it defies all logical reasoning when you are a champion not to seek the best doctors throughout the country, best medical institutions that specialize in this care, advanced care and world renowned advances within procedures that could have potentially sped up this recovery. World class athletes tend to seek out "world class" medical care that is the very best money can buy. When is the last time you have heard of a Floyd Mayweather Jr. coming to a St. E's, Northside Hospital, etc, for care? You don't hence the many people including myself that question those closest to him assisting him and helping him make pretty important choices relating to medical care. Did I ever state this was easy to treat or comparable to the common cold? I thought so. Do I really think Hopkins knocked Pavlik into another dimension? I certainly think it is pretty clear to those whom watched the bout or were present at ringside that it was a lopsided, easy, and embarrassing defeat for Pavlik so to answer your question, "yes". It was clear from the opening bell that Hopkins controlled every aspect, round, and toyed with Pavlik until the end of the bout. I do not need to take the loss and magnify it 1X due to the simple variable in the equation that fact speaks for itself not to mention that the embarrassing loss answered many questions about Pavlik and even opened up many more questions due to his lackluster performance or there lack of a complete showing.

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‘Chairman’s Dinner’ raises a smile for Betras

Betras is nothing more than an ambulance chaser and is indeed a perfect fit for Youngstown and this valley!!. Unreal but I guess this really shows we have hit the bottom when you have this fool holding this position. I have always wondered if he (Betras) knows what an absolute and utter fool he looks like every time he opens his mouth. I certainly do not miss the area, city, or these people that hold the positions but never would I have ever have imagined in a million years that we would be as low as the bottom of the bottom with the laughing stock Betras leading the way. Ouch, unreal what has happened but it certainly can't get worse than this one. If someone said Betras would be chairman 3-5 years ago most would have laughed and said hell would freeze over first before this clown would continue to be an embarrassment to the valley. Beam Us Up Betras... News Flash!!!!!! There goes a couple of ambulances there Betras!! In all honesty the Valley deserves him and he deserves the valley, it is almost like a perfect fit in heaven. I don't think he would even been looked at for a sanitary toilet cleaning position anywhere else **respectable** so thankfully for him Youngstown he indeed calls home. Thankfully I am 2500+ miles away from there but I certainly feel for the residents whom must put up with this clown on a daily basis.

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

When you look back in the not so distant past, Pavlik has fought a Mirandaless Miranda whom never showed to fight, Taylor twice, then got his clock rang and knocked into outer space by a grandfather in Hopkins. Who else has he fought in comparison to the greats of today like Mayweather?! Only a fool would make that comparison and most if not all would seriously question there sanity. To think Pavlik will EVER come close to what "Money" Mayweather pockets every purse is laughable, a joke, and merely a fantasy. You must get quite a kick out of what the current middleweight champion is making *a few $$$Mill.* (deservingly so) when Mayweather is taking well over $20 MILLION+ $$$$ per bout. Pavlik will NEVER come close, it IS a given. Even Jacko has said Williams will be the hardest fight to date, trust me Kelly ain't want no part of him and it wouldn't be surprising if he can somehow back out of this bout too as it is a trend of late he seems to prevail in. If Pavlik does NOT fight Williams it will cement what many already think that he was a three "shot" wonder kid with a degree in basket weaving from the joint school who has been brought back to earth not to mention how overhyped he was. After B-Hop gave him boxing lesson 101 the public started to wake up. I must admit Alonzo- you certainly are good if not great at coming up with every possible excuse in the book to attempt to sell off the garbage you are spewing. Even though your comments lacks any and all substance and they are merely a fantasy I think they are actually quite unique, interesting, and laughable to read!!!!!!. It lightens the mood if you know what I mean! If my "idol" was crumbling right before my very eyes as your's is then I probably would be just as bitter, angry, and have every excuse imaginable to throw out there to attempt to save face as you are doing!! It is entertaining so please do not stop at this point in time, I assume this could only get better after reading your "**gem**" of a response the first time around!!!!!!

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

As a side note, just to show how very uneducated and naive Mr. Alonzos truly is to the sport of boxing he states "it doesn't really matter if this fight happens or not". This quite possibly has to be one of the dumbest things I have read to date concerning this bout as it most certainly DOES mean everything IF this fight does not happen. He can run, hide, delay a bout the public **must** see for only so long and his true colors are already bleeding through. If his image wasn't already stained and tainted then I assure you it is now as the general public and boxing fans have a limited amount of patience then the ball drops. He has already shown to be a coward in many peoples minds when he failed to actually "honor" contracts ala Mora and be a honorable man and stick to his word. What if Taylor never gave your "idol" his shot? You would still be crying and whining. One only needs to sit back and ask themselves a very simple and elementary question which I and many others find to be very comical when you look at his (Pavlik's) take home purses, "why" isn't Kelly capable of pulling in mega fight purses such as the Mayweather's, Manny's, Cotto's, etc, of the industry as the list can keep on going on and on. He is THE Middleweight Champion OF the world yet he is making "chump change" in comparison to these other world class boxers of other weight classes, some not even champions keep in mind! The reasons the above are **factual** is quite simple- 1) Name recognition is NOT there nor will it ever be there 2) His record is not impressive at all and some would even say padded in comparison to the present day "elite" boxers who make the mega bucks --Mayweather, Manny, Cotto, Marquez, _____ (fill in the blank) . The caliber of fighters he (Pavlik) has fought mostly have been "C-list" fighters at best. Pavlik fighting people that are 11-68 (pretty lame and embarrassing). In reality he is nothing more than 3-1 which is sad yet very much comical at the same time but good ole' Jack is known for doing this within his stable.

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Openings remain for Pavlik golf outing

I guess rehab didn't work so well!!! It does represent the Youngstown area well, "Beam us up Pavo!"

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

Alonzos must be on some great mind altering drugs as well as Pavlik's blow toy to actually buy into the propaganda and spin that he spews from his ignorant and naive mouth! You sincerely represent Y-town well, ignorance is bliss and I congratulate you for defining it so very well. For anyone to remotely accept that Pavlik is the real deal then one only needs to go back and watch his embarrassment at the hands of Hopkins, who is most certainly out of his prime, old, and is much slower than the HOF fighter he "was" (meaning past tense). News flash!!!!! It sure appears that those educated within the industry, experts in the sport, analysts, and everyone else are now seeing the true colors come out of "your" hero. Your post lacks any and ALL substance!!!! Stick to being a "spectator", your boxing knowledge is almost as laughable as your medical knowledge!!!

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