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Decision to close public library was made after much thought

I agree with the above poster. These negative comments and the original article are totally ridiculous. I have lurked on here for a long time and haven't ever felt the urge to comment until I saw these 2 articles.

If I remember correctly, the Vindy ran a story informing the public that the library was closing the evening before. Also I had a doctor appointment that had to be rescheduled because the office closed. I'm pretty sure they still got paid and they should have. Most jobs in the private sector pay their employees when they are forced to close for weather.

The library really is one of the best things about the area. Like Janet said there were still plenty of services being offered online that day.

The ironic thing is the writer of the 1st article is the one actually wasting tax dollars by forcing the library staff to spend their time responding to him because of the inaccurate claims he made.

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