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The best day of my life

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Who r u?

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South Side gunplay sends one to hospital

Rest in Peace Mo' you are gone but not forgotten. And Stan I like the way they you make joke about another young person gettin' killed. And its not all good. Sincerely Reggie Gilchrist

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City man acquitted in murder case

I appreciate that Stan, and god bless you.

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Man wants speedy trial, rejects plea deal

Anybody who pays Paul Conn for anything is a damn fool, If it was left up to him I would be in prison right now. I fired him a year ago because he wanted me to copp out to 18 years for a crime I didnt commit. My best advise would be to fire him immediately and hire Dave Betras he's the best lawyer in trial. Trust me Im living proof. Sincerely Reggie Gilchrist

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Eight year sentence for robbery and death

He was the mastermind of the whole thing, set his supposed bestfriend up to be murdered, lied and snitced on everyone else and got 8 years, thats crazy. Rest in peace Demar

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Citizens have right to talk back to police

A man has the right to say whatever he wants it is his constitutional right to say whatever it is he wants especially in his home. At the point where the police were aware that he was the home owner is the point where this whole incident shouldve been over. Remember this is the United states of america, not russia,china, or cuba.

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Man gets 8-year prison sentence for robbery in which man died

That is unbelievable that Hassan only got 8 years and he was the mastermind of the whole crime. Thats crazy

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City man acquitted in murder case

No Stan I am Reggie Maurice must of forgotten to log out. We were using the same computer. But like I said I really wish that people would do more research as to what really happened instead of reading what the newspaper says because the paper gets their info 3rd party and was never allowed into the courtroom during the case. So obviously it will be biased, especially because i had gotten into trouble before. Im not a bad person just didnt choose my friends wisely. But its not my job to make anyone including you believe me. As long as God knows Im innocent and I have my freedom Im okay. And yes I really am Reggie. Take care and God bless. Sincerely Reggie Gilchrist

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Lost patrol man. Ive been reading all of your post and its obvious that you are a very racist person and perhaps a officer. But my question is this, why are you so concerned with other peoples lives? If you call yourself an officer of the law, you shouldnt have any problem with whatever verdict that the jury gives. And further more the jury that I had were all caucasion except for one person. So its your peers who acquitted me. I just wish that every person that still is unfortunate to live in youngstown would know your true identity, and know that you are a bigot. But I think that Im sure that you are officer Smitty. Im still alive and still free. Sincerely Reggie Gilchrist

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