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Shed a tear for YSU employees

Let’s see I am one of those so called lazy YSU staff members who take offence to your labeling our students (including my own children) as academic shlubs…. Bash us all you want Bart or Bert whatever your name is but you have crossed the line of decency when you bash our valleys hard working students….
Here are a few facts or ya Bart…

1 We all are not making big bucks 39,500 after 15 yrs of service about $19.00 per hour started at $9.50 an hour back then No big raises here..

2 Stop by on Monday Bart when I am on the roof of a building fixing heating equipment see how your thin skin hold up in the bitter cold.

3 My check will not be used for a Florida get away since I am years from retirement rather it will be spent on my 3 children and extended family for Christmas presents putting that money plus more right back into the local economy..

4 My children one of who just returned from a tour of duty in Afghanistan are far from shlubs

lastly your writing has given me intestinal discomfort so time to hit the rest room where I plan to use your article with your picture to cleanse my hind quarters one I finish my business

December 12, 2010 at 7:28 p.m. suggest removal