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Youngstown police shoot ‘aggressive’ dog 13 times

SHould he have shot at a dog coming at him? Maybe. SHould he have shot 13 times? Absolutely not. One or two would have been enough to stop a dog that size. If he truly felt threatened, thats all he needed to do. Sounds to me like a big fat lie out of yet another moronic cop in Youngstown.

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Youngstown police shoot ‘aggressive’ dog 13 times

13 shots to kill a 42 lb dog? I cant wait to see what happens when a real vicious dog - not a puppy- rushes at the cops. They might need an AK-47 to take care of that one. Typical behavior by the useless cops in Youngstown. What a joke.

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New taxes on tobacco to burn big hole in consumers’ pockets

If you dont smoke, you shouldnt support this either. When the revenue dries up from tobacco taxes - and it WILL dry up or drastically decline over time - they will come after you next.

Step away from that McDOnalds! Eating there makes you fat and thus, it costs more to insure you, making the rest of us who arent obese pay more for OUR health coverage. Is that fair? Nope. And neither is taxing the smokers to death. I dont smoke, for those who are wondering.

And better yet, the tax is paying for yet ANOTHER form of welfare! Its just a step up from Medicaid, but it's still welfare. Those people are the ones more likely to smoke in the first place, and they are paying for their smokes with OUR tax dollars. You are paying that tobacco tax increase whether you smoke the tobacco yourself or not.

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New Vindy message board rule starts Friday

Most sites do require regustration, but they DO NOT require an address or phone number. There is a diffrerence between registering and being stupid. The vindy policy falls under the latter.

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New Vindy message board rule starts Friday

No way will I give this site my phone number. Why should I, so they can sell it or call me to try and get me to buy a subscription to their crappy paper?

There is NO NEED WHATSOEVER that a phone number is needed to post here. Nor do they need an address. This is merely catering to those who like to whine about their 'feelings' getting hurt on a message board or in comments to a story.

BTW, I didnt even know there were discussion groups on this site, but if they are anything like the ones on, Im sure they are chock full of ignorant comments from ignorant people. No registration guidelines will change that.

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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

It is clear that Atownparent just wants to simmer in her misery, so why doesnt everyone just let her do so? She would rather whine on this forum than take an active stance and try to do something about the situation.

I dont feel one iota of pity for people like that. EIther put up or shut up. Like another poster said, if you do not like how things are being done, run for a BOE seat yourself.

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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

While you might have issues with the BOE & the school admin, airing it on a message board isnt the best or most productive way to get anything changed, now is it? No. And yes, what you are doing on this particular issue is most certainly whining becuase you are doing nothing at all that would get the BOE to even reconsider their decision. You are not speaking up against the elected officials. You are airing issues on an internet message board that the elected officials likely dont even read, and making it that much easier for people to take shots at you for complaining about something like this when there are so many other more important and valid issues in the area to worry about.

My guess on why the BOE ruled against T shirts is because people were letting their kids wear shirts with inappropriate things or saying on them, and rather than have to deal with oodles of kids wearing 'offensive or inappropriate' t shirts, the BOE decided to make it easier on the teachers and say NO T SHIRTS AT ALL. You cannot dispute that kids nowadays think it is acceptable to wear things on shirts that clearly are not something you should wear to school. As for the sweats, your comment about the 50's was ignorant and off base. I went to school in the early 90's. We were allowed to wear sweats ONLY if they had pockets on them. No track suits were allowed, hoodies were also not allowed. This is not a recent development in schools and to act like it is, is only making your point less valid.

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AT&T calls for ending phone book white pages

I welcome not having a zillion phone books to toss out every year.

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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

If whining about a dress code is considered 'standing up for what you believe in', then it's no small wonder this country is in big trouble. You people need to learn to pick your battles. I'm willing to bet there are many more important and worthwhile things that could be worth fighting the Austintown school board to save or change, yet you sit in front of your computer and whine about a dress code, all the while wondering why your district is going 'down the tubes'.

Get a clue.

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New duds, new date for Austintown school kids

Stepford children? Please. I went to catholic school for 8 years and still found ways to express my individuality. The dress code there was quite a bit more strict than any in a public school system. So what, your daughter has to give up her band hoodies during school hours. There are worse things that could - and DO - happen during the school day. She will just have to get clear acrylic retainers for her gauged ears & piercings. I have both, work in a professional office, and have gotten away with that for years. The retainers are inexpensive, easy to remove, and will allow her to keep her piercings for as long as she wants without violating the dress code.

Its called preparing you for real life, where people DO judge you on how you dress and what you look like, whether we like it or not. It's just how things are. Stop teaching your kids that if you whine enough about something, you can get your way. It's no wonder kids anymore cant cope with the world once they leave home. Life sucks sometimes, but thats how it goes.

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