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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

And yes, I agree with Seriously's recent comments. A million dollars? Invest it in the city and neighborhoods.

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

Uh, Seriously...

By your standards, disagreeing with you biases me toward the Playhouse. So if those same standards are applied to you, wouldn't you be considered anti-Playhouse?

And if you are anti-Playhouse, then wouldn't it stand to reason that you'd eagerly swallow and regurgitate any form of gossip and hearsay-no matter how unfounded or accusatory- in hopes that others do the same?

Are you really seeking answers, or are you just seizing an ideal opportunity to badmouth a place you don't like very much?

Your reasons for hating the Playhouse are your own, and they may have merit. But by proposing that anyone who believes the opposite of what you believe is involved with the Playhouse, you're revealing a bias of your own. In a court of law, you're not what we'd call a credible witness.

And if reading while drinking Pepsi Max is such a challenge for you, might I suggest you try swallowing less.

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

Thank you LeftoStr8 for omitting the snide remarks and actually writing something with an intelligent perspective. Like most people, I'm just trying to understand all sides to the problem, and all the egregious spitballing only dummies down the possibilities of meaningful communication.

I believe the Playhouse lost its footing mainly because of its location, and because of the community's unwillingness to drive down Glenwood Ave. This is nothing new. I also believe that
the failing economy plays a huge part as well.
The combination of the two is lethal.

I also believe that moving the theater someplace else is a smart idea. It comes down to two choices
1) no theater or 2) a theater in an area conducive to theatergoers.

Compare the Playhouse to what is happening to workers all over the US. You lose your job, you sell your house, and you buy something smaller.
It wasn't part of your dream, but here it is.
You deal with the crisis, and hopefully move on.

The new theater may not have the grandeur or opulence traditionally associated with the Playhouse. But that can happen if/when the economy rebuilds. In the meantime, I'd be ecstatic to hear more solutions and less hearsay.

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Has the Youngstown Playhouse seen its final curtain?

Seriously and Leftofstr8- your schtick is getting old.
If Bentley wishes to keep up on the day-to-day of the Playhouse, it's his choice. If he doesn't then I'm sure he's got other things to do. Regardless, it's not his job or responsibility to explain anything to you, is it? You've made it obvious that no response, no matter how accurate or honest is good enough for either of you. But you continue to instigate for no other reason than to be irritating.
The whole thing reminds me of a few kids throwing things and acting up on the school bus, just to get the busdriver to turn around and say "Who threw that?" Congrats, you've proven to be irritating. Now slink back down into your seats
and giggle to your hearts' content, because the majority of the kids on the bus aren't playing your game.

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