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Manhunt for Canfield teacher's killer

I do think you are all missing the point of this article. It does not matter now whether or not she had a gun. The argument about whether or not she should have had a gun, or should have relied on the system is invalid now.

to a certain extent, yes, we are meant to rely on the system. From a young age, we are taught to call the police if we need help. We are told to run to an adult, or a being of higher statute than our own.

Hell yes the system is extremely flawed, and this judge should have locked the man away. However, fighting about that now, will not bring back Miss Sutera. Her family, and students like myself and my best friend are reading this, and we hardly want to see all of your fighting about her lapse in protection, or obvious error in the judicial system. It is an awful tragedy. We should be mourning her loss, and not fighting about things we cannot change now.

RIP Miss Sutera. Gone But Never Forgotten

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