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Mayor calls Valley’s low rank for business ‘almost comical’

The funny thing is I started a business in Fresno, CA, and moved to Youngstown. I am doing just fine. Don't believe everything you read, I guess...

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Pavlik fight postponed until Nov. 21

As a personal friend, I can tell you that his hand stays wrapped all of the time, and takes excellent care of it. He wants to fight. He loves to fight. Whatever he does on his free time isn't affecting his ability to heal.

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Murder scene yields surprises

Regardless of what these 2 were involved in, no one deserves to die the way they did. There are truly evil people that leave messages like "Thinning the Herd" and Blazer vs Firebird. Either you are totally desensitized to the value of ALL human life, or you yourselves are dregs of your own society. Bitter old men who think they have the moral high ground.

Last time I checked, God had more compassion for the publican than the Pharisee.

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Pa. man charged with performing sex act on a lamb

This guy will never be able to get a job at a place that does background checks.

How exactly do you explain that one at the interview?

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YSU student found dead in his Wick Oval apartment

That was really uncalled for, punch.

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Serial robber again strikes adult store on Market Street

I cannot BELIEVE how many times this store has been robbed since I have moved to youngstown in 2002.

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Dirty diaper causes caustic burns on boy

Most people don't realize how taxed our social services are. It is very difficult for someone to spot a dangerous situation until after the danger has presented itself. Most of the time, people put on the happy home life front so their children don't get taken away. Most of the time, the child has to act out, tell, or, as in this case, be injured for any one to notice.

As far as imprisoned mothers go, if the mother is not capable of keeping the child safe and healthy, then they don't need to have the child. Yes that child becomes the responsibility of the system, but would you rather the child become the byproduct of the toxic environment created by its family?

I am all for children being home as a priority, but not all homes are a safe place for children to be. With that being said, I don't believe that all households that are unfit for rearing children are beyond salvaging. With the proper education, and support, there is a strong possibility of the child being able to go back to a safe and nurturing home.

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What phrase are you using when greeting people this holiday season?

Should I be offended if a jewish person says Happy Chanuka?

Merry Christmas Everybody.

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Auto talks collapse over wages

JeffLebowski said-
"It didn't have the votes from the GOP regardless of the UAW's stance on wage cuts last night; the union could have conceded anything and everything and they still wouldn't have gotten the votes. Lawmakers from the south have a vested interest in the failure of American auto makers. States like TN will concede a single Saturn plant because they have commitment from foreign companies to build six plants."

The fact of the matter is, they didn't make the concessions. So regardless of the futility of their efforts, they could have at least MADE THE EFFORT. Let both the members and the American people know they were willing to put the interest of the economy ahead of their own interests.

Did they really think they could just take a stance against the government the way they take a stand against the Big 3, and get a desired result? The Big 3 need the workers. The Senate does not. Are they going to strike on their taxes now? I am actually impressed that the senate didn't give them the finger along with the resounding no. We have to tighten OUR belts, but they still get what they want? That was just selfish.

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Auto bailout scrubbed

I understand that the unions are trying to protect the workers and wages, but what is better? Something, or nothing?

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