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Activists open gay meeting center

I'm glad to see so many Vindy reading like-minded progressives welcoming the Mahoning Valley Pride Center. I welcome this visible, proud, and positive group into our community and look forward to their support of the county's many gay, lesbian, transgender, and queer citizens.

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Record turnout at the polls will require voter patience

I have no doubt that after such a long, contested election people will be willing to wait a little while to cast their ballots. I just hope that they're all counted properly so we don't wait in agony all week.

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All that’s left for hopefuls: Making sure people vote

Alright Youngstown, let's get out the vote for Obama. I'm ready for the ads and campaign speeches to be over and for the real work of governance to begin.

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Palin in 2012? Conservatives’ meeting to cover her future

If we remember who Sarah Palin is in 2012, we are a sad nation.

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Reports: Palin drags down Republican ticket

The sad thing about Sarah Palin is that she is completely ignorant on nearly every matter of contemporary American politics. She is incredibly charismatic, granted, but imagine if she knew what she was talking about - she'd be a true leader of the social conservatives. Alas, she's a moron whose run on sentences and bizarre proper name mishaps expose a lack of knowledge EVEN GREATER than W. Bush's. Now that is change we don't need. Putting $150k, or even 1.5mil worth of new clothes on this person would not change the fact of her incompetence. American politics is not a sequel to Legally Blonde.

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If the election were held today, who would you vote for president?

Many, many Christians, both politicians and everyday folks, support a woman's right to make choices about her own reproductive life including ending an unwanted pregnancy so your argument is illogical and motivated by anger.

In fact, a majority of Americans support a woman's right to choose. Choice is the cornerstone of individual freedom and privacy and a woman's right to choose is her own private free choice for her own body and life. You want politics to stay our of your business? Try being a woman.

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Obama is the better choice for troubled times ahead

Thanks Vindy for laying out a city-conscious logic for supporting Obama this election. I'm proud to see so much debate going on in our community about this election and I hope that the energy of this campaign can be put into other action after the election - we should rally around the issues and continue afterwards to talk and work together. Citizenship is an active state, and not just during the election season!

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What's on the ballot

Agree strongly with Valleyred, it is imperative for the Youngstown work force, especially with haywire oil prices.

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Obama still a "tough sell" in Valley

I think it's okay that it's a tough sell - as long as we get a majority of people on board for Obama-Biden, that's all that matters now. The proof will come in the next four years when Obama-Biden work to bring our economy out of this mess, restore world confidence in American diplomacy, and improve our domestic programs like education and development of alternative fuels. The reelection will not be a tough sell for this Valley, because we're hurting and need the kind of "socialism" Obama speaks about - it's not government handouts, it's ending payouts to the extremely rich and to corporations and cutting most folks (read EVERYONE in this Valley) a break. Have faith Youngstown, it's going to happen!

As for racial fear, this is a problem that is so much larger than individual politicians and it really is time for people in our Valley to talk to one another to come to some understanding. We would find that people are people regardless of color and that we're all struggling for the same things - respect, dignity, care for our children, safety for our family, enough money to feel comfortable, and a sense of privacy and peace in our country. That is our country - no color divide on that.

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Most at YSU couldn’t see or hear McCain this morning

Wow TheLostPatrol, way to show your extreme patriotism - by denigrating the solid majority of Americans who support Obama.

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