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Legalize medical marijuana in Ohio? Let the debate begin

Id like to comment on the question regarding extraction of thc as opposed to smoking.

The reason that marinol or other types of drugs which synthesize thc do not work as well as the actual plant is that cannabis consists of a large number of active compounds. These compounds all have different benefits and provide relief from different ailments. Yes THC is a major active component but there are also many cannabinoids in the plant as well as terpenes that provide the effect. As well as the different compounds there are also different strains of cannabis, and the strains have different healing properties based on the chemical make up. Some strains of cannabis are good for pain relief while others may simply be a mood stabilizer. The strain of cannabis best suited to treat epilepsy in youths contains a very minute amount of THC but the cannabinoids have proven to be a miracle treatment when all other medications have failed. There is much more to this plant than smokin it to get high. It is an actual medicine. It should have always been treated as such.

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