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Collective thoughts of a taxpayer

Mr. Franko, every issue you comment on could be brought up and resolved in collective bargaining sessions. It's disingenuous to blame public workers for the less than adequate negotiating skills of our elected leaders. If the state couldn't afford these benefits state leaders shouldn't have agreed to them. It's the elected officials who should be held in contempt, not the public workers who deal with the worst our society has to offer everyday.

More thoughts on this subject at: http://talesfromtherustbelt.blogspot....

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The way it oughta be: Use it or lose it

Bertram, my response is up at Tales from the Rust Belt. I can't believe you picked Dr. Sweet's experience as an example. That large of a pay out is certainly not the norm.


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Valley HUD grant got low marks

Here's a thought. YSU offers a grant writing class. Several of them, actually.

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Taxpayer uprising the only answer

Mr. de Souza, I couldn't fit my response to your column in a comment box. You can read it here:

I'm surprised that you thought insulting public employees was necessary to support your otherwise well thought out argument.

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Business Group Selects Unrepentant Felon Keynote Speaker

I can't reconcile this statement, "This event is about taking pride in and responsibility for our local communities." with hiring Jim Traficant as your speaker. Is he really an example of the pride people feel for the Mahoning Valley?

Maybe the attendees could follow up the dinner by doing some chores on his farm for free and kickback a portion of their dues to him. That way they could truly understand his inspirational message.

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Rep. charlie Wilson's remarks on tonight's passage of the health reform bill

This is a good start to solving the health care problem in America. The current system doesn't fill the needs of of all people. If the insurance companies can't or won't fulfill those needs, the government must step in and force change. If the problem could have been solved by private needs, it would have.

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Palin book tour stopping at W. Pa. Sam’s Club

Don't forget quitter when describing her. She's "famous" and "brilliant" but couldn't complete a whole term as governor. I think that tells us all we need to know about her.

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Hubbard library forced to cut back

It's a shame such cuts had to be made. The Hubbard library is wonderful facility. The staff is pleasant and helpful, the building and grounds are clean and well maintained, and the atmosphere is friendly.

Hubbard voters clearly realize education is important and have approved a new levy to build all new school facilities. A fully staffed and funded library would compliment the new schools. Hopefully these cuts are temporary. I have to believe that the library contributes in some way to the district's recent Excellent rating by the state.

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Nemenz supporters turn tables on pickets

Pattons IGA in Hubbard closed because the owners couldn't afford to keep it open. Henry Nemenz reopened it and hired who he wanted. Who said he had to hire the people who worked there under Patton?

It's all water under the bridge now that UFCW Local 880 has forced the store to close and left our community with a big empty store. And now they want to do the same in Poland and Struthers. That's why people dislike this union.

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Nemenz supporters turn tables on pickets

The UFCW does this all over the country. Here's an example from Phoenix, Arizona where they are picketing a family owned chain of grocery stores named Basha's.

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