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DavidBown (anonymous) says...

I just read the article and every ones comments..wow. If everyone actually took minute to look at the good things The Biz Society is doing in not only the Northeast Ohio but in the United States I believe you will see that they have only the best intentions. They have relentlessly been trying to get support from the local media-with no avail-until now… Imagine that!!! The news focusing anything negative they can find instead of what good things this organization is doing. The Biz Society knew having Jim Traficant as a guest speaker would get the attention of the news; they also knew that either people love him or not so much and that choosing Jim would be risky-but at least the media finally stepped up and reported about the organization. Too bad the article made it sound like they are idiots because that is truly not the case. I know personally that Tim Ryan was one of their first choices but they never even got never got a response. Jim Traficant is a "guest" speaker-not a member of their organization and. The Biz Society’s’ only mistake is that they should of put Jim down as entertainment, because that is truly what it is.

December 27, 2009 at 1:26 p.m. reply suggest removal