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Allegiant adds flights to Tampa

St. Pete-Clearwater Airport is so much more convenient to fly into. You don't have to fight the Tampa traffic trying to get onto 275N or the Courtney Campbell Causeway (Rte 60). Instead you just hop onto the Bayside Bridge (yards from the airport) and you will be on Rte 60 heading to Clearwater Beach in minutes . Clearwater Beach is only 30 minutes away. If someone wants to go to Tampa from Clwr.-St. Pete, it is also convenient over the Howard Franklin Bridge. For beachgoers, St. Pete-Clwr. is much more convenient.

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Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

I don't think that he is telling you the truth when he says that he only had 2 martinis. I'm not saying he had 20, but I feel that he had more than 2. For anybody else, I may give them the benefit of the doubt regarding telling the truth. But for a guy with his track record, I don't believe a word he says. He should give up his mayor job on Monday morning.....not saying I want Dill back but there has got to be someone else out there better than the current mayor.

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Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

Good one Stan.....a 44 ounce glass would be more appropriate.

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Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

The thing that bothers me the most about this incident is his quote, ā€œIā€™d like for this to be a lesson to everyone that even two drinks can put you over the legal limit.ā€ He knows darn well that he had more than two drinks. Now he tries to wiggle himself out by trying to teach us a lesson so that we can be more careful in our personal lives. I have a friend who lost her sister to a drunk driver and she never got over this. Yet we have people on this site sticking up for him saying that he was barely over the limit. The bottom line is he was over the limit and was speeding in a two ton caddy down Rte 11. If he would have hit someone he would have killed them. Believe me, this is not an isolated incident.

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Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

Nothing at the taxpayer's expense? How about a proposed levy? If my real estate taxes go up, then that my friend consists of "taxpayer's expense". The budget only got balanced this year by juggling numbers between departments. That won't be available next year. He is a poor representative for this city. Won't pay the wedding caterer, stopped for drinking and driving, has numerous judgements against him, etc.

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Campbell mayor pleads innocent to drunken driving

Two drinks at a party? What was the size of those drinks? If the drinks consisted of an 8 ounce glass of whiskey on the rocks, then we know how he went over the limit. Either that or he had numerous drinks. I mean, how many of you believe that he only had two?

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Allegiant expands flights from Vienna to include Myrtle Beach

I flew once and never again. Something was wrong with the plane and we had to wait for hours for another plane as they only have one flight a day. A two hour trip ended up taking 10.

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I'll continue to buy GM products as I've had luck with them. I won't buy the Cruze as it's too small and I like a larger car, however I will buy another GM car when I need another car.

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New product for Lordstown? Buzz builds that Valley plant may get crossover


Good post. I just want you to know that even if Delphi had their pensions covered, there are many in the valley who want GM to fail. Do you know why? Because they are envious of the wages a worker makes there. I left the area years ago and remember how people in the 80's were always complaining about the auto worker's wages. I agree that the auto worker's wages were too high and feel that they have taken concessions to get them close to where they should be. I've had both of my GM cars for over five years now and have spent a total of $130 on repairs (not including oil and filter changes and a set of tires). I'm glad the third shift will come back. Many of those guys moved here and bought homes only to be told less than a year later that they were laid off. I left the area in the late 80's in order to find better work but still root for the place to make a turnaround. If they hire new workers though, I hope they give everyone a fair shot at a job as opposed to hiring friends and relatives of people who are up the ladder already.

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Campbell, in fiscal emergency, wipes out $463,000 deficit

Here's how: You overestimate your tax revenues. Then when these tax revenues come up short a year from now, you will still have a huge deficit. This is all smoke and mirrors.

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