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High rate of students suspended in Y’town, Warren

I do like the "pod" concept. While traditional concepts hold that the more diverse a learning environment is the more socialization will occur, the fact is that children lack focus. Teachers lack any real standardized method. The school system doesn't meet the needs of today's youth because today's youth doesn't meet the same standard as earlier generations. Corporal punishment at home, in school, and in the community is as dead as the dodo. So discipline suffers. If you have a generation that lacks the discipline to fit squarely into a squared and standardized learning environment, then you must fit roundly into a curved one. Cohort learning builds peer groups and teacher student relationships far better than traditional models. It reflects a more modern approach that boarders on the types of team building that you see in advanced military training programs. You want a group to succeed, don't just let the strong and smart roll over the weak. Move them forward together and watch how the slower movers get faster. Make it dependent on itself and at the same time, foster competition.
Most of us can remember when teachers would say, "I just have to deal with you for one year..." Then what? Society deals with them for a generation. I've received these forgotten children as adults. It takes a lot to undo the tangled mess left behind when parents, teachers, and church fail a person for 18 years.

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Standing for peace

The vast majority of people stand for peace. Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Sikh, Buddhist, Pagans, Taoist... Doesn't matter. I'm sure there were plenty of peaceful people in Jones Town drinking Kool-Aid and some pretty peaceful people in Waco with M-16's. Plenty of Muslims in prison. Sure are a lot of drug dealers with crucifix gold chains. More than a fair share of Star of David wearing embezzlers. I'm sure that all guardians want their children to have some path of enlightenment. I'm sure they keep them nice and sheltered in their upbringing. What happens when they begin to think for themselves or yearn for something else? What happens when they find another crooked branch of their religion leading to extreme and perilous ends? Any Christian will tell you that the Devil can preach a fine sermon with a silver tongue.
Religion is a social control. Just so happens that some self-appointed "leaders" of Islam preach a doctrine of hate and rely on the young to carry out their edicts. Give you're heart to the service of mankind and the preservation there of. Then there won't be any silly traditions to clash over. Just right and wrong. One could do a lot worse than to impress upon their children the ability to make rational decisions.

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Youngstown leads in city council salaries, benefits

Garbage in. Garbage out.

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Tail-wagging reunion for Pfc. Delvillan and her dog

My. What a feel good story. I wonder if when I come home from Afghanistan after serving my third tour in the infantry in actual combat environments the news paper will do an article on my reunion with my dogs? Both rescues. Match point. Ball's in your court.

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Kidnap victim Elizabeth Smart inspires Girard audience

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U.S. Marshals Most Wanted: Randolph Moore

As much as I would like to help, he looks like every other 18 year-old street punk around here. Probably even proud he made the papers as the most wanted.

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Rain fails to vex concert downtown

My first Vex Fest since the first one. It was a good experience. People like to see people downtown peaceably assembling and enjoying themselves.

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Youngstown man gets 5 years in prison for assault on cop

He's a pillar of his community. Just keeping it real for all the little homies so they can learn how to represent... Assimilate already.

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21-year Youngstown officer fired over shotgun incident in late May

This is nothing new. But, it's getting old.

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Robbery suspect fatally shot in Greenville

So... Is Jeffrey Alan Anderson still a robbery suspect? How about this. Case closed. Bigger fish to fry. He's an attempted murderer. Guilty as charged. Sentenced in the street. Hang the robbery on his head. Funds and property unrecovered. Move on. Too many people are going to question justice. Innocent people don't run.

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