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UPDATE: 50 years for pair in Kaluza case

Apollo: I dont understand why everthing has to be a race issue. I bet that most whites saw that article and saw two PEOPLE get justice upon them. And I bet most blacks saw a race issue that was unjust. That is a huge problem in our country and shows a huge swing in the racism and culture in our country. Most whites are becoming less and less concerned over the race of others. While blacks have become dependent on racism to help them. Dependant on the "Affirmative Action" lifestyle and not solving problems head on. It is a lot easier to have Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson bail you out. Crime is an issue that touches every American.

As for " Why is it most of the inmates on death row who are later found innocent through DNA are blacks?"

There is a simple answer for a simple minded person's question.
The population in most prisons and Death row is what?
Ding Ding Ding.......BLACK

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Good luck this year

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Hillary Clinton supporters still trying to derail Obama nomination

This area needs to rid itself of Democrat ideals. Democrats are becoming more and more socialist. Too much goverment and too little freedom. Over the many year strong hold of Democrats look at the cooruption and the over all state of the area. Im tired of everytime a white person has a negative opinion about Obama its considered racist. Noone wants to speak of the reverse racism that Mccains campaign is receiving. Doesn't anyone find it weird how many black voters are voting for Obama. I have genuine opinion that he is not the man we need in this very important Presidential election. I have just recently been discharged from the Marines. Serving in Iraq and actually knowing the truth about it makes my voting this election so much easier.

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