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Clean it up or tear it down, Canfield homeowner told

Demolish the home, and erect a dog park on the site as a memorial for other residents and their pets. Brian & Betsy need to do jail time for their crimes. I cringe when I imagine a 2 y.o. toddler learning to walk and falling in toxic waste, day after day. Imagine eating or sleeping among such filth, with parasites and worms crawling amidst the excretions and mold. Don't wimp out Canfield PD - throw the book at them like you do insignificant crimes against other people.

November 3, 2009 at 10:27 a.m. suggest removal

Neighbors of filthy home in Canfield report nothing out of the ordinary

As a young high school student (1978, 9th grade), I sometimes would walk home from school to Maple Street when I missed the bus or just decided to leave early (usually to watch The Price is Right with a bowl of chips and Kool-Aid). My route would take me through Brookpark (as I didn't care for the dumpy look of Main St. then so avoided that walk), and 535 was my favorite house! I don't know who the owners were during that time, but it was spectacular, and one of the best of its time. I cannot imagine that 31 yrs. later it would lay in ruin. Hollowach (2 Ls, not one) bought it in 1992, so what was it like then. Recently (end of September 2009 to be exact) I was reminiscing and took a drive down Brookpark and surrounding streets, never imagining what horrors I was driving by. This is not about Obama or Bush, but about a deteriorating neighborhood as the population ages and people without values move in. Canfield's new big houses are elsewhere now. Thought you all would enjoy the trip down memory lane. PS: The Spins first need some jail time, then the clutches of social services and legal nightmares for some time afterward. Kids should be adopted by relatives.

November 2, 2009 at 1:58 p.m. suggest removal