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OHNO report: Retire, then rehire

Oh, and "BS"...this is corruption; your sense of morality is just too corrupt to recognize it. Just as double taxation is immoral, so too is benefitting doubly from the taxpayers, who must cover insolvencies in STRS and PERS due to dubious retirement activity. Indeed, when the only secure jobs can be found in government, we have already crossed the line into de facto communism. In any strong communist state, the public aristocracy had to be enriched in order for the system to work, and this edification is already in progress here in America.

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OHNO report: Retire, then rehire

All these "jobs" are, are sinecures for nonproductive leeches. I will bet that most people who defend these rehiring practices of the state will turn around and rail endlessly about the rampant corruption in mutual funds', hedge funds', and investment corporations' executive offices. Most pro-union, pro-government job babblers are among the most hypocritical people that I know, and once you have heard one, you have heard them all. Education, like most other socialized fields in the United Socialist States of America, would perform more efficiently and have better long-term results if partially or fully privatized; granting tenure and other perks outside the postsecondary education milieu is very counterproductive indeed, as are the pension provisions that actually encourage "education administrators" to retire earlier rather than later. If any private industry were run this way, it would become nonproductive and insolvent too---and liberal ignoramuses wonder why insolvency is so rampant in government????

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Equality for all is urged

To clear the obfuscation (or perhaps raise some more):

As a Christian, I deem homosexuality immoral; however, I allow it as "natural" much as other human deviancies are not natural. Aristotle, the authority on natural law, claimed that usury is not natural, and yet no one that I know of condemns interest as such.
Now for correcting the lunatics:

1. yes, the human race can and would reproduce (but not procreate) without heterosexuality (think IVF, Brave New World, etc.)
2. Sodomy does not refer exclusively to homosexual acts
3. The zeitgeist of the country, and the laws on the books, can be wrong.....just 50 years ago, a white person could not marry a black, contraceptives were banned even from married couples--- need I go on?
4. My choice of a screenname has nothing to do with a tyrant who slaughtered tens of beliefs are like steel, so don't waste time trying to alter them
5. The whole homosexuality debate, like the one on "illegal" immigration, comes down to money.....if you right-wingers who vilify government handouts would be consistent and oppose them for married couples as well, there probably would be no debate here at all. Beyond those benefits, what interest does the government have in protecting heterosexuality? THERE ARE NONE, EXCEPT BUYING THE RIGHT-WING VOTE

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RENEWED OPTIMISM: Mahoning sales tax approved

I believe that subterfuge and shameless manipulation of the voters led to a rape of the electoral system in this case. No election results in a double-digit defeat in November, and then, six months later, a 35+ point approval. If this happened in Iran, which it did when Ahmadinejad was elected as President (twice), everyone would be crying foul, and rightfully so. I don't believe that a host of thinking people changed their views on the tax en masse, but then again, Mahoning County seems to have a fulsome number of morons (aka unswerving Democrats). Mark my words, the commissioners will be lobbying for another tax increase within 2 years; placating these fools only emboldens them. "Why can't we all get along"? who are you, Rodney King????? Dissent and debate are the hallmarks of a free society, but then, I guess most of you out-and-out liberals cannot really stomach a truly free society

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Equality for all is urged

USA1...maybe your screenname should be NSA (Nazi States of America) you have any idea what "natural" is? If heterosexuality were the only "natural" lifestyle, why is there a discrepancy between the global ratio of men and women (offhand, I think it's somewhere around 51.5/48.5); after all, the only sound non-religious argument for exclusive heterosexuality has reproduction as its focus. Furthermore, if homosexuality were unnatural, why is it not universally censured, like incest, bestiality, or homicide? Until you get the slightest idea of what "natural" is, kindly refrain from making perjorative remarks en masse. You really are an embarrassment to the human race, and judging by your screenname, to the USA as well

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Speakers implore voters to renew Mahoning sales tax

Betras only has half the equation for success right, and his choice of words displays the abysmal expectations that politicians and their toads have in this county......first off, a community where crime and corruption is rampant, and decent citizens are leaving all the time, will not attract business under any circumstance, and secondly, Mahoning County needs more than a "viable" government. Hugo Chavez runs a "viable" government, and no one is rushing to emulate it; no, Betras, what Mahoning County needs is responsible, far-sighted, trustworthy government, something that is anathema to you and your minions!!!!

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Renewal of Mahoning County sales tax assures vital services; we urge a yes vote on Issue 3

Just voted early today at the BOE....and rejected this "renewal"....if renewing this tax means renewing the "services" that this county offers, this issue will fail big-time, unless some subterfuge comes into play....the county offices have been far too inept for too long to justify this kind of reverse Robin Hood ploy on voters.....and moreover, this kind of partisan dictatorship needs to go, too....this will be the first November ever that I plan on voting straight-ticket GOP (the last thing Mahoning County needs is more government, but that's all we have; the first thing we need is common sense and frugality, but that seems to have deserted the Valley a long time ago!!!!!)

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We’re helping the enemy

"Those that can't stand the influence of the Christian Churches are free to leave at anytime." Conversely, then, foreign governments have the right to torture, maim, and execute Christians (both indigenous and foreign) as they please--- an option that would not bode well with states such as the USof A (and for good reason). Look at what is happening in Switzerland right now (with the minaret ban); even the most liberal society on earth can fall victim to exclusivism (and I'm just waiting for some narrowminded idiot on here to misunderstand my use of the word "liberal"). A good case can be made that patriotic motifs ("under God") can in fact be unconstitutional (the Establishment clause of the 1st Amendment). And by the way, the 1st Amendment predates this Falwellian mantra by over a century.

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We’re helping the enemy

A little bit of context: Congress and President Ike pushed the phrase "under God" during the 1950s, when we were at odds with "godless" communism. There's no room to prove it here on a comments page, but you can rest assured that not one of the icons of the American Revolution would have stood for the copious union of church and state that the theocratic right wingers are importuning for today. And I reiterate what I have said on earlier pages: I am not a "godless liberal", I am a libertarian. What is the sense in forcing American children to repeat mindless mantras (when the Pledge is nothing more than a political football, then that is what it has become), and castigating conscientious teenagers as though they were the "enemy"?

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