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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

GSD, NOWHERE have I ever said or implied that I wish the death sentence to be applied on Croley. What I believe is that he deliberately and knowingly allowed these dogs to die in the most horrible agony. Whatever sentence is passed on him is none of my business but I am extremely glad to be able to say that I am not a resident of a city whose jurisdicial system will allow such a creature to walk free.

However, since my assertion of my horror for this despicable deed is evidently creating antipathy and therefore not furthering the cause that I would wish to support, I shall remove my presence from this forum.
I care only about the agony these poor dogs went through as they succombed, alone and in terrible distress.
Nobody and nothing can ever bring those lives back.

And it is a sad fact of 'human' nature that somewhere in the world, repeatedly, this kind of cruelty will always repeat itself.

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Billboard ladies keep Christ in Christmas

I would like to shed a different slant on this whole discussion.
I am English and to me, Happy Holiday means nothing more than a wish that I shall enjoy my annual vacation.
This is an issue of language.
In England we don't use the term Holiday at all, to mean a Christian celebration.
I can understand why the US would use that term to avoid using obvious specifics to non-religious sectors of society.
But I want to ask, using this same argument: Do you guys ever refer to Diwali as Holiday???
Over here, we call it Diwali. We therefore are acknowledging that those who celebrate it, have a specific name for their festival.
Why therefore should it be so sensitive an issue to those who do not celebrate OUR religious festival of Christmas, to have to say the word itself??

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Dogs at kennel found dead || GRAPHIC PHOTOS

Gito, I understand where you are coming from and appreciate your opinion and your views.
If you read all the other forums and their comments, you will see this has been discussed elsewhere also.
One thing pointed out, is that child abusers very often start by abusing animals.
We are not talking black and white here.
There are strong links between animal abuse and child/human cruelty. You cannot truly separate the two issues into different compartments.

Yes there are horrors going on all round the world every minute of every day.
But at the risk of sounding insular, I have to state the fact that we are NOT "round the world". We are HERE.
And right now, ONE of the horrible issues going on HERE is this one that we are discussing.

It affects us far more as individuals than a child starving in Somalia.
ANY person posting here could have had their dog at those kennels.
Several actually DID.
Why should we ignore what is going on under our very noses, in order to concentrate on what horrors are happening thousands of miles away??

Which is it more important to deal with??

I am not trying to pull apart your opinions, only to state a fact.
The fact being, the immediacy to our own lives is what is spurring us on to try and win justice in our own neighbourhoods before setting our sights on the much wider task of World Affairs.

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

Katie, this Thanksgiving I have been above all grateful for my life.

Croley has NOT lost "everything". He didn't lose his life, did he?
Those 7 dogs did.

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

I couldn't agree more with the person who commented that those who come here only to stir up others' emotions and start arguments about whether dogs are beasts or Croley is a victim, should go off and post somewhere else and stop wasting their obviously all-too-precious time trying to distract us from helping those who cannot speak up for themselves. (The dogs)

And for those who have been hurling Bible quotes at each other - I am not anti-religious by any means but I really think this is most unnecessary in a forum where we are discussing the fate and pain and distress of poor dogs who no more know of the Bible than they do of human language, and who despite this are way closer to God than ANY of us mere humans ever shall be.

If you really want a quote, I have just one...and this seems especially appropriate in ALL contexts right now:

"God pays debts without money".

All you who are pulling to pieces all that is being strived for here, please remember those five words. They will be with you throughout your life, trust me.

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Trial set for man accused of starving dogs

Ok well that pretty much says it all!!

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

StuckinOH, you have evidently never heard of IFAW.

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Trial set for man accused of starving dogs

I should darn well hope he IS upset!!!

But have we seen any evidence of that yet??

Did HE cry in court???
Did HE say in court how sorry he was for what happened at his kennels???

You who know so much about Croley, "Katie " - tell us that!! you were obviously in court since you know EVERYTHING about all this and we know nothing.

So TELL us how much he bawled and cried at the death of these dogs that of course wasn't his fault, that he didn't even know about because little men from Mars had come down in the night and zapped them and left rotting bodies.

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

Oh "Katie", we do care about humans! (and please spell that correctly while you are about it.)

That's why we care about Liz and Tom and the other parents of the dogs that were starved.

We DON'T give a s*** about low-life sub-humans that walk past cages of rotting innocent dogs and keep on walking.

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At cruelty pretrial, dog owner in gallery shows his disdain

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