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Mayor Charles Sammarone has fired City Prosecutor Jay Macejko

Sad. If I was a county worker in the jail and was Christian I would request every Sunday off to go to church. If you bend over for the Minority, you have to bend over for the majority or it is DISCRIMINATION!!!!!!!!

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Poland Twp. police investigating thefts from cars

life2g, please tell me more about David Aey and Mclurg rd biker.

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Boardman trustees must show why special election necessary

It wasn't about the bike. It was about a group of 5 year old kids who watched a grown man go into their garage and take the bike. Got caught red handed by the cops and watched the cops just basically say "Well who cares that he stole the bike." Now we have a group of kids in Boardman who think it is okay to steal.
I don't care what they make if they earn it. But crying for more help and money when no one is doing their job to begin with just makes me sick.
maybe they all should go find a new job and realize in the real world you have to actually do your job to keep it and get paid.

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Boardman trustees must show why special election necessary

the police department is a joke and it will be hard for them to pass any levy until the detectives start doing there jobs. Don't be a victim in Boardman they will lie to you and tell you that you aren't allowed to press charges. They will say it was only a "neighborly dispute." When your neighbor thtreatens to kill you or if someone steals your kids bike "Maybe it was too close to the curb during trash night. (Even though it was stolen out of the garage). It would be a shame for the taxpayers to waste their own money for an illusion of protection. The police department needs to step up and realize that not doing your job correctly affects the innocent and makes you a bad cop.

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With baby locked in, mom can’t get police

I just want to say that you are not at fault. Unless you are experienced at locking your keys in your car with your child in there your would not know who to call. And there are towing companies that will unlock your car for FREE with a child in your car. The police department has "favorites" and probably gave you the number to Boardman towing who does NOTHING for free.
And years ago I worked at Beeghly ER and I had a patient threatening the physician because he wouldn't give him narcotics. Jennifer the dispatcher said to call back when someone was injured and only then will they send someone out. Well this man pulled out a knife. Luckily, the SWAT team had arrived. They had followed this man to Beeghly after he had stabbed his brother and mother. If they hadn't arrived whoever the police would have had to send out may have had alot of paperwork to do on that one. I really don't think anyone over the phone sould be decided on what calls should be dispatched and which should not. Some people exaggerate and sound like they are being tortured and when someone arrives there is no immediate danger. And on the other hand someone could be getting stabbed and on the phone sound like nothing immediate is going on.
So next time we all know who to call.
And for the people who would break there window must never have tried to break a car window. It isn't as easy as you think.

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5 days without pay for 2 cops

There was a little more to the story of the kid dragging the cop but it still should not give anyone the right to do that to a person in uniform.

Police officers used to be one of the top ten most dangerous professions and not because of being assaulted or being shot. It was because of motor vehicle accidents. Since most departments have adapted laws to reduce high speed chases police officers have fallen off the 10 most dangerous job list.

We are always under the impression that police officers are most likely to be shot or assaulted when actually the are very low on the list for these acts. You are more likely to be a victom of a crime like this if you are in retail, a cab driver or in health care (most ER or psych hospitals).

I am all for the criminals getting caught but I really don't want to see a good officers life taken to do it.

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Dr. Phil’s bullying series includes local girl’s ordeal

Exactly, the people involved. Including the adult that hears it when it goes on. Too many teachers ignore it and that is when is needs to be addressed. Part of school is teaching kids how to treat people right. And unfortunately, sometimes the teachers are just as bad as the bullies thenselves. Especially at Boardman schools.

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Censorship, grants are already sitting there for us to get. Would you rather another community benefit from it than ours. That is a pretty dumb statement. All the sudden this building is a money pit????? Cafaro's building wasn't a money pit????? Why because Cafaro was benefitting from it?????? Mahoning Valley Hospital and others occupied this building prior. Why wasn't it a money pit then???? Because Cafaro didn't lose out then???? This isn't about money it is all about the loss of control!!!!! Cafaro and his people are losing control and son't like it. get a brain people. Grants aren't good for are area???? seriously???? So basically we pay into these grants and you think we shouldn't benefit from them. Which politician are you????? Your thoughts are why we are having these issues to begin with or do you just want to detour the arguement because your "money pit" arguement has no backing if people realize the truth that most of these upgrades are from grants not our immediate taxes in Mahoning County???

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If you look at thier voting record I am sure all these people started out as Republicans. The republicans actually run our county. They changed their party to get elected in this county. Voters don't noticed these things because they get blinded by the cafaro money. The canidate looks good and is seen all over TV we vote for him. I am sick of hearing that the oakhill building is bleeding us dry. First off, owning is alot better than renting in the long run. Taxpayers are now fixing their own building and not a cafaro owned building. When you rent from cafaro YOU FIX EVERYTHING YOURSELF!!!!! Secondly, alot of our repairs are now done from GRANTS we now qualify because we OWN not RENT!!!!

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Boardman sergeant asks court to order trustees to promote him

Target, that sounds like a story the vindy would have had all over the paper if it was actually true. I think you have a personal problem with this officer. I am sure he asked the trustees why he wasn't promoted. And if they did not have a valid answer then yes I can see going forward with an attorney seeking the promotion that is deserved. I only know one of the officers that was promoted. He is a nice guy but probably not my first choice if I had to promote. The other officer I have no clue who he even is. Lived in Boardman my whole life and don't know of him, heard of him or ever met him. Now that is public service at its best.

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