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Budget hurts Ohio’s middle class

Mr. Padisak is repeating the liberal, dem, union mantra, "It'll hurt the middle classes!"
1. 47% of the population pay no taxes - so how are they hurt?
2. Al Gore is richer than Mitt, thanks to selling his "empire" to terrorists who want to destroy us all. Where's the union stance on supporting terrorists?
3. "The no new taxes" which YOUR "president" promised will cost me about $ 1,300.00 +/- this year. It will go up next year.
While I respect Mr. Padisak's right to voice his opinion - I do not agree. How many UNION Jobs has the middle class lost? (i.e. GM of China)
Didn't the nation-wide Chik-fil-et day of support show the unions anything?
Fortunately, I live in a Right-to-Work State!

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