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Muslims stand for peace, leader asserts at mosque open house today

KURTW: Peaceful Muslims have no more forsaken their religion than peaceful Christians have forsaken theirs.

As a 100% pro-life Christian (death is not the answer before or after birth, for the innocent or for the guilty), I do not let violent or crazy "Christians" define my faith or have their only their say with holy scripture.

Both the Quran and the Bible's Old Testament have passages that, if used literally, would be deadly, violent and result in behavior at odds with a modern civil society.

The gentle people I met at the mosque today did not try to convert me, nor I them. As a Christian, I know God loves all people and seeks their worship and allegiance. The historical Jesus is a wonderful connection between Christian and Muslim believers of good will.

A relationship of respectful friendship - that clearly admits differences about the ultimate role of Jesus - is the place I chose to start for a more humane Mahoning Valley.

With God, all things are possible.

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