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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

"Jim's being in prison didn't make one iota of difference in crime nor will there be any difference because he is coming home." Thank you for clarifying your position, Stan.

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

"When he was in prison The Valley didn't flourish . Crime escalated to new heights . Thousands lost their jobs . The retired lost money from their pensions. Health benefits were cut." Are you saying that things would have been different here in the Valley if Jimbo had stayed in Congress for the last seven years?

BTW, the real peak in crime (at least in Youngstown) occured in the early 1990's while Traficant was serving in Congress and that gang of 70 or so who were later indicted and convicted of corruption were running a huge revolving door for criminals called the Mahoning County Criminal Justice system.

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

The plaque on the Covelli Center could read something like this: "This facility is dedicated to James A. Traficant, Jr., who sold his political soul for $26 Million in order to fund its construction."

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Denounce Criminal Jim Traficant

People believe what they want to believe. In 2002 over 27,000 people in the 17th District of Ohio still believed in Jim Traficant enough to vote for him as an independent candidate to return to Congress--as a convicted and imprisoned felon. It would be interesting to see how many of those "true believers" are left if Traficant decides to run for office again. Whatever he chooses to do when he gets out of the Federal joint, I'm sure that he will still want to stir things up. Hopefully he won't get any local traction from his outlandish behavior as he did with such regularity in his prime.

As for me, I thought that Jim Traficant was a gifted populist politician who kept some very shady company from when he first emerged on the scene in the late 1970's. That opinion never changed, and I never once voted for him between 1980 and 2002. As for those who choose to herald Traficant's return to society, or at least to profit from it, I believe they are free and welcome to do so. I must say that my wife and I planned to attend at least one more Scrappers game before the end of the 2009 regular season. After reading the front page story in yesterday's Vindicator, we changed our minds and will look for other ways to spend our entertainment dollars in the coming weeks.

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