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MPetaccio (anonymous) says...

I was a very good friend of Seans I moved away to Cleveland 4 years ago and was trying to find him went I sadly came across this artical ,Danny we talked on thephone and I will talk to your empolyer as well.I THINK YOU ARE A SAD ,sad man who has no heart nor moral values ,Sean was the former Majors son and yes like me struggles ,STRUGGLES every day with addiction, I can not speak for Sean but I know for me it was to escape my own demeans{he just got lost and for what ever reason related best to the people that got high} Drugs were easily accessible thanks to my parents , but threw counseling and proper diagnoses I now am Clean, and know Sean had the same goal !!He was a GOOD person; He loved his son, and hated the lifestyle that killed him! Printing his criminal passed was not only poor judgment {and I do believe god doesn’t forgive, $elf $serving pigs like you Danny boy} The only print worthy story here is a man died under duress and when I say that I mean the withdrawal from heroin is violent and with that Miserere the thoughts of doing yourself great harm are on the for front of ones mind!!

November 9, 2012 at 9:24 p.m. reply suggest removal