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5-year-old girl serious after being raped, tortured for 2 days

This is common in India. Females are lower than animals. Recently three sisters were taken from their village by a gang of scum, raped and beaten to death, the youngest girl was only 5. The police did nothing! yet we allow them into our country along with other scum, where they try to destroy our way of life. Pray for the preservation of the American way of life!

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Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

Hey taxme, my guess is you've never served your country. And I'll just bet you're one of Obrainless recipients of his phone and other free handouts. I was one of the military members told to get off the base when this poor excuse of an Amercian, let alone President, came to the area. Hopefully he gets beat, so we can recover from all the damage he's done.

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Ex-general Clark: Romney isn’t qualified to lead military

Our so called commander in chief ordered all military and civilian personnel off the base in Vienna during his first visit to the area after he was elected. We were not allowed back on the base until his plane took off. The news media never reported it, instead filmed him getting off the plane waving at no one except his dem cronies and media. One of our retired Generals was staying in lodging that day and was told to stay in the building. No one was permitted outside the buildings until his motorcade exited the base. Military leader? I think not!

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Soup kitchen visit by Ryan stirs anger

Wow! SAINT Vincent De Paul is supporting Obrainless? A Catholic organization supporting someone who is forcing abortion in his healthcare? What in the world are you people doing? On behalf of all practicing Catholics please change the name of your organization. And for you Catholics who approve of abortion maybe it's time you quit being hypocrites. Go to Rev Wrights church, he hates everyone!

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Should the US provide a military response to the murders of the ambassador to Libya and three other Americans?

We definitely need to get all the information before we react. We are hated around the world. Why? Religion, freedom, American policies? Whatever the reason, the Democrats and Republicans need to unite and protect our citizens! I have never seen our country divided like this before. Our politicians are attacking each other and it has filtered down to us. ENOUGH!

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