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Steelers defense survives a late surge by Cincinnati

New England will win,they are licking their wounds from the pounding the Browns gave them.Pittsburgh 6-3 after Sunday.

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Browns batter Patriots for second straight win

I'm glad that some of the Steeler fans,realize what an immature punk penguin bird is.The Browns have gotten better this year and are heading in the right direction.

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From the start, Cruze sales move into the fast lane

@fair and equal,blah blah,that is all you do when ever GM is mentioned.I wish GM the best and hope the Cruze is a great seller.

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Saints go marchin’ on Steelers


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Saints go marchin’ on Steelers

The Suckburgh Squealers are just what the Saints needed.WHO DAT !!

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Woman arrested in cargo plane bomb plot; more sought

Islam is about peace and love,ths article must be wrong.Why is everyone against Islam and Muslims?

Maybe it's because they are full of hate and want to kill anyone that is different than their views.It's time to take back the World from these savages.

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Obama: Terror explosvies found, bound for U.S.

Stan you speak the truth.Islam is a cult,set out to kill all who disagree.Europe is dealing with these blood thirsty killers,we will be next.

It's time we take back our country from all who,will cause us harm.

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Youngstown police seek details in homicide case

You live my the sword ,you die by the sword,as it is with Andre Whitlor.

@Ytown girl,it's not normal to wear a bulletin proof vest ,unless he was involved in some illegal activity.I don't have any bulletin proof clothing in my wardrobe.

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Teen-age girls executed by al-Qaida operatives

This can't be true,Muslim's are full of love not hate.The Muslim religion is nothing more than blood thirsty killers.

@sonnype the Afgan civilians would try to kill us before it was over,I'm glad we beat them to the trigger.

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LeBron a loser in Heat debut

The heat sucked,they are over rated, LE-JUDAS will choke just like he did in Cleveland,GO LAKERS.

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