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ODNR overseeing euthanasia of geese in Mill Creek Park today

To All Animal Activists and the General Populus; be it you have a dog, cat, canary, bird, frog or otherwise. An animal breathes like we do. They feel like we do. Their bodies contain the same elements that we are made up of. Intelligence has NEVER been a factor of who we are as a CARING species, period!

What does a Mill Creek Wildlife SANCTUARY mean to you? A secure place where wildlife knows not our manmade system if guidelines, as they are a gift to our planet our lives, oeriod?

Who by all means gives the Authority to kill and murder animals like the German Holocaust was to people? Just because the animals did not have a voice does NOT mean we have the right to kill innocent living creatures? Has the thought process of the word nuisance become "hell on earth for judgement without the chance if saving life? An extermination instead of Life?

Did anybody even think that those geese are a part of the food chain for the area for other animals? Or even the simple fact that THEY WILL move on? Even sounding an alarm will make them leave.

The cost of this so called LIE of a Mill Creek Park WILDLIFE SANCTUARY that the Individual Contributors Corporate and taxpayers paid to have were Violated in this act of nothing short of murder! (Santuary acquired in 2005) and total park acres of 4,575 acres. 4,575 acres and no choice of relocation by volunteers? Even a call to PETA would have sent an email to and thousands of people nationally would have shown up. This act of saving the geese would have helped the economy in visitors staying at hotels, eating at restaurants and other avenues!

With transportation available the geese could be relocated by volunteers, IF they were given a chance!

I would like to see the people, who made this decision fired and will contact PETA, regarding this.


If you were a volunteer or an individual, who contributed to this WILDLIFE sanctuary then please contact PETA to make sure this never happens again!

Don't let the death of these silent creatures go unnoticed!

July 24, 2014 at 3:25 p.m. suggest removal