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Valley Dems lambaste Kasich over budget, SB 5

For those of you who hate public unions and think SB5 is the most wonderful thing in the world, you should understand that you are fulfilling the objectives of those who have started a process for the rich to get richer and the middle class to become poor. Senate Bill 5 is not about controlling taxes and it is not about making sure that public workers are placed in an equal spectrum of wages as the worker in the private sector.The politicians in our government tell us that free trade agreements create opportunities for Americans and help the economy grow. We now have 19 free trade agreements around the world. The industries and manufacturing companies tell us that in order to compete in a global market they must outsource their labor. The fallacy of that statement is this; before these trade agreements were put into effect, the United States was THE super power in the world. Those huge corporations have the freedom to move their production to third world countries (effectively destroying our labor unions) and move product without any financial restrictions. That middle class was created because there were unions. Unions that negotiated for wages and health benefits for blue collar workers, unions that kept large corporations from treating it employees like slaves. Our industry and manufacturing and have been destroyed. The big corporations and the politicians did this to us, not the unions. Governor Kasich has signed SB5 into law. The Republican based Tea Party exclaims how we finally have a government which is going to do something about evil over paid public union people. Why is this grassroots organization not having fits about our politician’s wages and benefits? The annual salary of each senator, as of 2009, is $174,000; the president pro tempore and party leaders receive $193,400. Senators also receive retirement and health benefits that are identical to other federal employees, and are fully vested after five years of service. If an organization like the Tea Party, is so outraged because people like teachers, police and firemen ( wages under a $90,000 a year plus health benefits), should they not be doubly outraged by the idea of what politician’s are making.
Senate Bill 5 will allow school districts to fire all support staff (bus drivers, custodial, maintenance, and food service) if they are under financial duress, replacing them with privatization. The truth is, the rich are manipulating the poor and unemployed to do their bidding, to finish destroying what unions are left in this country so they can privatize and work Americans for low wages and poor health benefits. When SB5 comes to a election booth near you in November, you have the chance to rescind it. Think about what this country would still be like if our government had not allowed the big corporations to give away American jobs and destroy our private labor unions. We now see the United States becoming a country of the very rich and the very poor.

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