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We’re helping the enemy

I am torn of this subject. While i agree it's a person's right but i still in my heart find it a little disrespectful. I know of some people back in my school days that were Jevoh's Witness, who didn't day the pledge. But they also stood just didn't say anything. I guess it's not about standing but honestly my grandfather was a Vet and i can't ever not acknowledge the flag or what the service people do for my country. I don't care really what relgion you practice but i honestly think you should love your country. If you want to honor the flag maybe just be silent when the part comes about one nation under god. You don't want to bielieve in religion or god that's your choice but you don't want to bielieve in the country you live in, your homeland to me that's absurd.

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Michael Pavlik, brother of boxer, charged with domestic violence

All i can say is that I am not surprised at all.

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