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Canfield Superintendent Dante Zambrini retires

There are certainly some passionate opinions on here.

That being said, he's leaving (hallelujah, hate that opinion or love it, don't care, it's mine). We have two new board members coming in. (Perfect Candidates) Now it's time to start and repair the damage.

I have openly expressed my distain for the past and now have a positive outlook for the future. Mr. Bova and Mr. Fry are two qualified, dedicated and "Honest" men. I understand that some people have reservations with reguard to their being former educators. However, I can assure you these two gentlemen are not coming out of retirement with a hidden agenda. I have come to learn that they are, passionate about seeing the district repair and heal, as well as opening the lines of communication between community, parents, teachers and administration (Long Overdue). They both have raised children, I think that will go along way toward them understanding the parental point of view. They live in the community, and are therefor also paying these taxes. I had the pleasure of being in school when Mr. Bova was the principal. I think we, the alum would all agree that he was tough but fair. I have no doubt he will exhibit the same qualities as a board member.

I would like to thank them both for selflessly taking the time to help this district. The two of you are exactly what this community needs.

I look forward to voting for the levy in November and hope that everyone will follow suit so we can begin the healing and change that we desperately need.

I believe 4.9% is reasonable, we can somehow mange that. Let's pass the levy and have some faith in our new board members and the positive changes that will soon come.

Good luck Mr. Bova and Mr. Fry, you have your work cut out for you.

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