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Man sentenced to 12 1/2 years in heroin distribution case

Do you honestly think this will make a single bit of difference? theres probably 2 suppliers right now taking his place.

As long as people have pain, and Doctors refuse to write anything stronger than Tylenol,

As long as people are miserable and alone

People will continue to use drugs especially heroin, get used to it no matter how many nickel busts you read about here how the CPD found $10 of heroin in a car with a busted tail light, or YPD whatever, you lock them up, throw them in rehab, but don't change the circumstances they get out and start buying it again. Prohibition of drugs doesnt work. Period. Prohibition was a disaster, China executed drug users and they still risked it and used

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Donald Trump attacks Muslim father's convention speech

Lets make America hate again! Believe me!

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At least three officers shot to death in Baton Rouge

Sorry I hate to say this but until the Police stop shooting down innocent people with out cause I cant say I'm all that motivated to condemn these attacks.

That being said I can't stand Black Lives Matter they are racists, but even to the proverbial Klansman even they can see there has been murder after murder after murder by Police in the last 2 years

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Youngstown council declines approving proposed loitering ordinance

awww i really wanted to get drunk and operate a locomotive.

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2 Youngstown women face charges after Boardman drug bust

I can tell you all right now what probably happened. They went to the house using the draconian anti drug laws claimed they had "exigent" circumstances, found some syringes near them. they wouldn't cop to it and refused to inform so boom the obstruction charge, and the actual owner of the property wasnt there so boom trespassing.

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Man gets 60 days for punching St. E's doctor

Here is an idea how about we treat adults like ADULTS and let us buy our own damned medications as we sit fit and if we O.D. and die, well that was our responsibility. I'm so sick of people crying out oh its the evil doctors prescribing bad bad bad narcotics thats killing people. People make the decision to use these drugs and when they overdose and die all blame seems to be washed away from them.

I had a close friend die from an O.D. when he decided it was a good idea to eat 120mgs of Methadone wafers. I miss him but I still acknowledge that it was his own dumb ass fault he died and no one elses.

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Man gets 60 days for punching St. E's doctor

Terrible Agony is treated by Percocets, Demerol, Morphine, etc etc, not by Advil and yes I'm well aware of the bulsh*t scrutiny. I'm a permanently disabled veteran with neuropathic pain and I'm constantly forced to go through hassles to get narcotic pain medication because I'd rather eat a bullet than "take advil" for the rest of my life.

Being treated like a drug addict/criminal
forced to take drug tests every month
subjected to random pill counts
no guarantee that my pain specialist doctor will be around in a few months, or that his replacement will continue my meds
being forced to undergo repeated pointless and useless medical procedures for profit in order to get narcotics i.e. 9 Epidurals, 6 Spinal Nerve Root Injections, 3 Facet Injections, repeated TENS therapy, temporary spinal cord stimulator, I understand now why people just say screw the doctors and buy their pills on the street.

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Man gets 60 days for punching St. E's doctor

hey there is a lot of doctors id like to punch myself. Especially when you wait in terrible agony for an hour or two and then they want to give you ibuprofen that you could have bought at the damned store 2 hours prior and saved $2,000 if it would have actually worked.

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Okla. governor vetoes abortion ban bill; one GOP senator physician calls it 'insane'

Look Roe v. Wade is the law of the land. You've been trying for 40 years to overturn it. Its not going anywhere so you try despicable end runs around it like closing every abortion clinic except those that have a physician with admitting privileges at a local hospital, and that's easily dealt with just revoking their privileges if they don't resign from the abortion clinic. We also set the abortion limit so low that most women don't even know they are pregnant until the limit is almost up. then we force the patient to pay for 2-3 visits and be forced to wait to see the sonagram, then if its too late in your draconian state. Some states will charge you with a crime if you travel to a nearby state with less restrictive laws.

Those that offer those rides can also be charged as accessories and some states just plain out discriminate against any doctor trying to become a legally certified abortion doctor thus driving retired doctors out of retirement to drive around the state and perform them because when you close all but 2 abortion clinics in a state the size of Texas you make some people have to drive 600 miles twice.

All of these draconian and labyrinthine laws to keep your baby alive but the moment its born the state says basically "f**k you" you're on your own and don't you dare ask for welfare or expect any help or assistance.

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ACLU threatens lawsuit over convention protest applications

Since when do we need a permit to exercise our constitutionally protected right to free assembly and freedom of speech? This is setting a dangerous precedent.

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