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Who is your top pick for Girls Soccer?

Oh, how I wish you'd come back. I'm really curious as to what "underhanded" things I've done.

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Who is your top pick for Boys Soccer?

Wow, I expected this to be much closer. I'm also shocked Caleb Capron has no votes. He could play on my team any day.

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Who is your top pick for Girls Soccer?

First of all, you're way off base. I have never been in a position to nominate Cuba for anything. I am neither Frog nor Todd. My name is out there. Anyone that knows me (and I'm quite sure you do) knows that I don't need to hide behind an alias. You, on the other hand ... not so much. It's really not worth my while to find out who has access to your screen name (which, if you know me, you know I can easily do). What bothers me is that I believe you're an adult. It's sad that someone of age would deem it important to rip a teenager. Especially one who's basically a good kid.
I certainly hope you don't feel your daughter has been overshadowed by Cuba. If so, I truly hope your infantile feelings have not corrupted her. The bottom line is there is a big gap between the top player in this area (Cuba) and everyone else. That's not just my opinion, but the opinion of the vast majority of high-school, club, ODP and collegiate coaches.

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Who is your top pick for Girls Soccer?

I'm not exactly sure what your agenda is but your observations are blatantly wrong. Having coached that Mooney team for one season - and having watched them for the past two - I cannot fathom how anyone with any soccer knowledge could question Cuba being a team player. No one takes a loss harder than her and she never blames others. In fact, she puts the blame of every loss squarely on her shoulders even though that's rarely (if ever) the case. I'd like to know what other player in our area has worked as hard, 12 months out of the year, to maximize her potential. It would be a very short list and perhaps have just one name on it.
I love how you say "normally I would not belittle the accomplishments of a talented athlete" but choose a screen name which hides your identity.

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