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Downtown vigil backs marriage equality

You can put lots of fancy names on things, like "marriage equality" and "pro-choice". But when you come right down to it, it is still a perverted lifestyle and murder of the innocent.

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Who’ll win tonight's presidential debate? You be the judge

There will be no winners or losers in this debate. Only the American people if Obama is re-elected. He is the worst president we have ever had in this country. He has put more places out of business and closed more plants than ever before, which is his purpose. Just get more and more people as takers from the gov't. Soon those of us in the middle class who do pay taxes are going to get a lot smarter and figure out ways to stop paying our taxes. Where does that leave you takers?
He is going to put the coal mines out of business and you will see the end of gas and oil drilling in this area. I guarantee it! That means this area will become the Rust Belt again. It's only taken 50 years to get back to a little progress here. Obamacare will break this country. There are over 300 million people in this country. Why did Obama want to completely change the system for everyone to provide insurance (not healthcare) for maybe 20 million? I'll tell you why. He believes in socialism. Have any of you seen pictures of Russia when Lenin and Stalin (socialists) were running the country? Have you seen the current pictures of Greece and Spain? That is what's coming here if Obama is reelected. The poor will suffer the most because there won't be anything left. All of you keep talking about how much money Romney has. Obama is now worth $11 million, just in 4 years. The Democrats in the House and Senate are all very rich. The Clinton's are multi-millionaires. The Kennedy's were among the richest in the USA when John Kennedy ran for President. Romney is much more generous with charitable giving than any of these Democrats.
This area will never go anywhere if you keep electing Democrats. I don't care what color your skin is, if you vote for a Democrat, you are a slave. They do your thinking for you. I have lived in Ohio for almost 50 years and the story is the same all the time. The poor, schools don't function, and gov't corruption. Obama doesn't give a rat's rear end about any of you. He only wants to "fundamentally change" this country. That means two classes of people. The poor and the elites. That's him.,

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Obama increased security in N. Africa before embassy attack

More lies!!!!! Won't the MSM ever tell the truth?

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President earned another term

The front page article on the Sunday, Sept. 30 edition has pictures of equipment being used to find gas and oil. Towards the bottom of the article is a small paragraph that states that environmental groups are lining up to oppose a line from NE Ohio to Canada. They are also lining up to oppose gas and oil drilling in Pa and Ohio. The EPA said a few weeks ago that it does not intend to do anything about fracking or oil/gas exploration until after the election. That means if Obama is re-elected, it will be the end of gas/oil in this area. That means a big loss of jobs. The area will again go back to being the Rust Belt or worse. It has taken almost 50 years to come back from what the steel unions did to this area. It will also mean the end of coal production in this area and West Virginia.
Obama's only reason for being President is to bring this country to as low a point as possible. He is succeeding. When the US is doing well, most of the rest of the world does also. Do some reading besides left-wing papers, books & internet sites. There are other sides of the issues.

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In Ohio, health care vs. China?

The lightning rod on the ballet for the GOP is Obama. We are going to turn out in record numbers to vote because this country can't stand 4 more years of Obama, his socialist policies and the fact that he thinks he is a King or a dictator. I don't care when Romney left Bain capital. I don't care how much money he has (more power to him). Of the 10 richest members of the Senate, 7 are Democrats so get off it. If anyone is really paying attention, the states and cities that are being run by Republicans are the ones prospering and getting their unemployment rate down. Cities like Youngstown, Cleveland, Detroit, Baltimore and states like California and New Jersey (a Republican is now trying to clean up the mess left by Cornyn) can be written off. There is no hope for them. I lived in this area for 34 years. I left for 5 years, then moved back. The same things that I had heard for 34 years were still the same problems being discussed when I returned. Just think of the tax money that has gone down a black hole for all those years. I will be voting and so will a lot of other Republicans and Independents because they know what we are headed for if we don't.
Jobs. Jobs. Jobs. When a President shuts down whole industries (coal, for example and oil) to satisfy environmentalists, people lose jobs. When they lost their jobs, the domino effect takes place and others lose jobs.
Obamacare - Someone please answer why, in order to supposedly get 22 million people on medicaid, our entire health care delivery system that services almost 300 million people had to be changed? I know the answer - power over the people.
Republicans and Independents - Get out and vote on Nov 6. Your life and the lives of your loved ones depend on it.

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Ohio Dems: GOP waging war against women

If there were ever anyone attacking women, it is Democrats. Obama and his party have been doing everything they can to destroy this economy. That means that men and women are out of jobs, thereby making life much more difficult for women.
I have a letter from Sherrod Brown saying that he intends to continue to support Obama's policies. Think about that.

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GOP tries to prevent Ohioans from voting on election reform

It is happening more and more. Every time Democrats don't like something that has been passed by the party in power, they collect signatures so it can be voted on in the election. This is known as direct democracy. The US is a representative republic. We elect our reps to do a job, just as you would if you hired someone to run your business. We are in a sad state in Ohio and many other states where the unions and dems don't like laws that are passed.

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