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Sheriff wary of unified computer system

Good luck, our Sheriff's Office is so far in the stone age, they don't even put their police reports in the computer; they still write them out by hand which makes it a nightmare to to find old cases. If you do not know the date it happened, you are not getting it!

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Milton Twp. Police Department on Facebook

Yeah, great job Chief; I heard he lied and took credit for his officers work. They said the chief has nothing to do with the facebook.

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U.S. Marshals Most Wanted

The Marshalls always provide pictures, if you see the printed edition of the Vindy it has a picture; It appears someone at the paper is too lazy to download it for the photo for the on-line news.

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Pay raises debated between Youngstown and Mahoning County prosecutors

At the press conference Gaines made reference to major cases prosecuted as though he created them; Nothing like masking the issue! It is disgraceful that he would attempt to take credit for all the hard work by the local PD's in preparing/presenting those cases. It is the police that bring these cases forward and we depend on them to properly follow through with charges which has been hit and miss at best.

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Gains: Outside counsel necessary in Oakhill public-records case

How much money can that office mismanage? Good for you Judge Sweeney, hold them accountable and stop the squandor of public funds from that office.

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Why is Gains taking a pass?

There is no question that the current Mahoning County Prosecutor's Office is in shambles. I too am familiar with the municipal and county offices and can say that Youngstown is truly lucky to have Jay Macejko at the helm and we who live in the outlying areas can only pray that we will be lucky enough to have him as a candidate on the ballot for Mahoning County Prosecutor.

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Is Prosecutor Macejko speaking for Mayor Williams?

You must be joking, you are claiming his department stationary as an abuse of government property? The last time I looked he is the City Prosecutor-why would he not use stationary stating the same. I am embarrassed for you in the writing of this article.

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Pay raises debated between Youngstown and Mahoning County prosecutors

This is appalling, Paul Gains should be ashamed of himself. The county cannot afford his extravagant raises and requests for outside counsel (I thought we elected him to represent the county). There are too many laid off Deputies who make only a fraction of those salaries. It is practices like this that allow criminals to walk the streets (1/2 the jail closed); Cadet Deputies make only 20,000 a year, lay off an 80Grand Prosecutor and bring back 4 deputies! Pay attention MCSO, is this who you want to vote for!

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Candidates interviewed for Campbell administrator post

Am I the only one who sees the absurdity in having a City Administrator? A city that small has no need for such a position; especially at that inflated salary (quote fails to include cost of benefits, PERS, workers comp) The real figure is likely closer to $50,000. I believe it is the mayor's job to supervise the police, fire, street depts, please correct me if I am mistaken. In addition, the last time I looked all the departments already have an administrator. The mayor should become fiscally responsible and do his job, instead of hiring someone else to do what he was appointed/elected for. Furthermore, use those funds to hire what that city really needs more police!

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Ryan-earmarked projects stall out

More empty promises, This guy is so full of it he stinks. Ryan sits on an appropriations committee so he will bring all this money to our area; I hope this article shuts up the fools who voted for him. Tim will continue to do what he always has NOTHING! Well thats not fair, free healthcare for illegal immigrants and welfare for all is certainly one of his monumental contributions to our state. The shrinking middle class working fools cannot afford healthcare, but we will continue to pick up the tab for everyone else while going without. Strong work Congressman!

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