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Mooney parents avoid charges in football fete

As a teacher and a Catholic I am saddened and embarrassed by this double standard. What message are we sending to students? If you have the as you please?????? I will no longer support the bishop and his quest for diocesan funding. But,oh, wait...he doesn't need me he has those deep pocket parents and their supporters.

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Austintown school board approves wage packages

In these extremely difficult times, it would seem to me that if your staff is not getting a raise and you are already making a more than comfortable salary, you would never accept a raise!

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Oops! Brookings says we’re not that bad after all

Some of our decrease in unemployment comes from our young people leaving the area. My own children have left for Pittsburgh. They quickly found jobs there.

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His talks with Harry Truman led to YSU’s oral history

As a YSU student back in the late 60's I was privileged to partake in three of Professor Earnhart's courses. After the first I was hooked and had to come back for more. This might not be so unusual but, you see, I was a math major and didn't need to take all of these courses especially at 8 AM! He did indeed make history come alive.

YSU '64

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