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Youngstown homeowner shoots suspected burglar

"a man yell “don’t do it, don’t do it,” and the line then went dead."

Good ole Calvin met his match. Good for her.

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Youngstown man arrested for insulting black police officers

Seriously? "Ethnic intimidation?" I wonder if a black person called a white officer names, if they would stick a "Ethnic intimidation" charge on them? Hugh get his feelings hurt. Awww. Just saying.

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Boardman woman left kids home alone, cops say

What a useless POS.

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Two men accused of firing shots on South Side

Amazing, Fant has a 2007 record. BURGLARY/COMM.THEFT/ FELONY/AGGRAVATED
No surprise here.
Then when they get shot by the police or someone else, the community raises h@# about it. Go figure.

2 useless DNA's and 2 useless women protecting the useless DNA.

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Dog found with duct taped mouth

They got enough for there 24oz beers but not enough to get gas or feed the poor dogs. Why even have dogs! And to duct tape a dogs mouth. Pitiful. What a bunch of useless DNA's.

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Brother of man killed by police Oct. 19 charged in Saturday homicide at gas station

Really? Tashawn “Boo” Walker comes into Warren to attend his thug brothers funeral, MURDERS someone over a car, and runs like a sissy back to Texas. And the blacks wonder why sometimes their profiled. Sad part is this happens everyday. When will these young thugs learn that violence and KILLING someone does not accomplish ONE thing. They won't learn till their six feet under and then have there candle light memorials, protests, benefits, etc. People need to quit praising and sticking up for these thugs that rather choose violence over being a productive member of society. Praise the ones that become productive members of society instead of useless DNA's.

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Rifle in car carrying suspect killed by Warren cop stolen

And this is a surprise?

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‘My life is in your hands,’ Louis Mann tells jury

Get his veins ready and put him down quickly like the rabid animal he is. No need to let him sit on death row for 20 years.
Save the sob stories for God.

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Civil-rights group seeks meeting with Barneys CEO

Will they ever go away? Please, just go away....

:"continued use of the discriminatory pattern and practice against people of color."

Can't just say blacks. People of color now, thought it was the goofy African American.

Should be a crime to buy a $350 Ferragamo belt that this dude brought. And a $2,500 Celine handbag that the women brought (who buy the way after she heard the 1st dude file a lawsuit she jumped on the bandwagon). They must of heard about racist Oprah's ridiculous Switzerland phony claim. They wait till now to file a lawsuit and this happened in April and February?

Cha Ching.......and we fall for it every sad.

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