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Woman says sitter stabbed her with kitchen knife

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February 1, 2014 at 7:05 p.m.

Woman says sitter stabbed her with kitchen knife

Are people really that STUPID???

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Campbell police seek robbery suspect

Short little POS.

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Shooting victim has warrants,drugs found in clothes

OK, yep, sure he found the bag and was trying to return it. OK, yep, he has no clue who shot him, alrighty then.
OK, yep, Timmogen....ouch!
smh at the idiots roaming the streets of Youngstown....

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Ohio man could avoid execution in 1983 murder

I'm really starting to lose all hope for mankind. What a pitiful excuse to avoid the death penalty. "He didn't rape her", but he murdered her in cold blood. smh at the stupidity in society today. God help us all.

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Reward offered for info leading to capture of murder suspect

Would be nice to have a picture and description of this low life coward, especially if he's armed and dangerous.

December 10, 2013 at 7:10 p.m. suggest removal

Man shot in chest on South Side

Wonder if these charges have anything to do with it.

And to think this wanna b gangsta is only 24. smh at the low life that roam our streets.

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TaShawn Walker indicted for aggravated murder

And the useless DNA was here to attend his brothers funeral. What a society we live in.

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Mahoning JFS union leader fired

Finally, the shoes on the other foot. She only got fired, if the situation was reversed, the individual would have been destroyed and ran out of town from the black community and the media. Hopefully this brings change and just goes to show you that racism goes BOTH ways. Kudos to the Mahoning County commissioners.

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Officials dedicate Village at Arlington

@ commoncitizen: That's nice of you, 10 years, I say 5 years.

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