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Ex-Warren cop leaves court in handcuffs

Never fails...always about race....whatever happened to being "responsible for your own actions".......

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Man gets 4 years in prison for being in criminal gang

Remember to wear your pants down low useless DNA's. I'm sure the Bubba's love fresh meat......

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Youngstown gang suspects arraigned; mom of 2 alleges police brutality

“The way they handled this was terrible,” Wilson said. “They degraded me in front of my neighbors.”

I'm sure your neighbors loved every minute of it. Useless ghetto DNA.
ALWAYS putting the blame on EVERYONE else...NEVER the person in the mirror......

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A Youngstown man faces charges of carrying a concealed weapon and resisting arrest

Can see the lawsuit now....he was being profiled and he'll get community service. He'll be in the news again, very soon. Hopefully the other 2 learned a lesson, highly doubtful though....

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A Campbell man is murdered in what appears to be a drug deal gone bad

Just a matter of time before he was gunned down. When will they ever learn.

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Cincy father pleads guilty in girl's shootiing death

Hopefully dude suffers for the rest of his life for ending the life of a 9 year old.

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Youngstown police probe first two homicides of '14

When will they ever learn.
Somehow they'll blame the police.

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UPDATE | No suspects in shooting of 9-year-old girl on South Side

How many shootings now that the weather has been nice for about 2 days? It's going to be a long summer if this keeps up. Need to get these low life's off the streets and caged up like the animals they are.

I agree billdog1, what in the world is a 9 year old doing up past midnight!

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Woman says sitter stabbed her with kitchen knife

Ok I'll re-phrase my comment, which I don't see how that could offend anyone. Unless it was true for the ones that were offended by it.

Why in the world would you let someone watch your child knowing that they are a drug addict?????? Why? I wouldn't let that person have that responsibility of watching my child. Seriously? smh

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Allegiant passengers from the Valley stranded in Florida

I've flown Allegiant a bunch of times and never had one problem. Ever! Climb from under your rock observant, issues like this DO occur in society. smh

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