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Ex-neighbors stand by Roethlisberger

Yes, Let's not forget the 20 year old girl. What is the penalty for underage drinking, and probably possession of fake ID.. While we are at it, let's not forget the club owner/operators... What is the penalty for serving alcohol to an underage girl?

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Two Mooney teens’ bodies found at cemetery

Does anyone else out there want to self promote their business here? Not mentioning any names..

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Magazine exposes Tiger Woods' affair with cocktail waitress

I don't see where he admits to anything. I also was leaving my house about 2:30 am that day, but was going to Wal mart for Christmas deals. Why can't THAT be where he was headed? EVERYONE goes to Walmart...

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Those who play should pay

Um, Stan.. Are you serious? Same sex intercourse causes AIDS? Are you aware this is 2009, not 1980? Bring your logic to current status. You are usually a little more intelligent with your comments, that one is a bit disappointing.

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Ohioans OK casino gambling, but Mahoning Valley voters reject state Issue 3

With the decisions made, I think it will be interesting to see how many people from Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties head to these casinos. I am willing to place a wager there will be day trips to ALL of these places, and they will be busy constantly.

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Browns QB is lowest-rated signal caller in NFL

The only reason Brady Quinn is ranked higher, is that he hasn't thrown a pass in a month. Brady would probably have a rating in the high 20's by now, maybe mid 30's.

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Two children, nine animals removed from filthy house; adults charged

Really?? All these comments, and no one made mention or comment about the CHILDREN taken from the house, but we sure made a fuss about the animals, ANIMALS, not people... Ridiculous

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Austintown schools chief appeals for community support on bond issue

Ok, say we all vote against the bond isue. .
THEN, will we support the levy that will be needed to raise the full amount necessary for repairs to all the schools (Which, I believe, will be MORE that what we will need for the bond) Just remember, included in the bond, there are monies for upkeep of the new buildings.

This is what it may come down to, and we know what happened the last time we were left to plan for our financial future in relation to the schools.
The residents of Austintown PROMISED to pass the last levy in order to keep open enrollment away. Then, they voted against it, and open enrollment is now here in our district, and people are surprised.. Why?? We were told what would happen, and what we needed to do to keep open enrollment out of Austintown.

Please make sure you attend an informational meeting regarding the bond before voting either way. Ask questions, but LISTEN to the answers, too many times people attend these meetings, ask a question, then do not even make an effort to hear the answer, let alone listen to the answer, then complain that they are being ignored.
Become is what we want our kids to be, why should we be anything less.

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Austintown schools chief appeals for community support on bond issue

Hopefor the valley..
Can you help me out here.. You said TWICE that this is about sports.. I can't find anything to support your comments.. Also, I don't think this is a Tax Levy, I believe it is a bond issue.
And as far as becoming a school... apparently being one of the top 314 best schools in the COUNTRY, did you get that.. COUNTRY.. must mean nothing..

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City again borrows money to pay interest on convention center loan


Defintion of "most"
1. in the greatest quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number
2. in the majority of instances:
3. greatest, as in size or extent:

In all 3 cases, 60% would be "most"

I'm not saying you are incorrect, just stating that 60%, by defintion, is "most"

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