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Cafaro on FBI radar

Bertram - Great piece. Thank you.

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Valley GOP fails Kasich

Beyond the first vote, 86% of the delegates are up for including those that were obligated to vote for Trump.

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Downtown to be put to the test

The market is not limited to the Youngstown Metro area. Smaller venues are being embraced by audiences seeking a quality experience that still has seats on the floor, and does not require oxygen near the highest perches. Audiences are willing to pay and travel for the right experience.

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Trump channels Jimbo

Thanks Bertram, great piece.

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McNally clings to power

I wonder if McNally's "misdeeds" would have been prosecuted if it was not connected to Oakhill? Was McNally prosecuted for the purpose of only obtaining information? Was the reason the case was settled because there was not much of a case to begin with?
In the case of McNally, I believe but don't know that he was nothing more than a pawn in an effort to grab information where there was none available.

I sincerely hope that Mayor McNally does the best job he possibly can, is well rewarded for his efforts through re-election, finds his efforts completely satisfying and then spits on Bertram shoes.

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City native donates $1M to YSU

Walter - So refreshing to see signs of intelligence among the poster. I am even willing to be there was some thought involved before the typing. Thank you!

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Remove pension shroud

The citizens of the State of Ohio recently showed their ability to participate in State's decision making process when voting for the repeal of the new Collective Bargaining Laws for public service employees. The citizens were also successful in getting a recent vote on the ballot to legalize marijuana, which was voted down. Your claim that a citizen led statewide ballot initiative is an uphill battle is true, and it should be, but also very possible. Regarding your insinuation that legislature's will to vote in favor of make the information public is non-existant due to their own self interest, t may or may not be true. If it is as important to the voting public as it is to you, it is an easy way to win a race to Ohio's legislative body. The people of Ohio will vote those candidates in, they change the laws and all is good in their world, Of course if it is not that important to the voters, then those candidates might not run or if they do might lose. Make sure you get your op ed out to everyone eligible to run for office on your platform.

Many 401(k) plans do allow for employer contributions, alas the strength of your analogy is not so strong. Your logic would suggest that as consumers we should also be able to see the information regarding the private sector, or would you limit it only publicly traded stocks, or maybe only for private companies that provide a service to a public entity.

You consistenly support a position that places the role of the "journalist" as that of prosecutor with full subpoena powers. The role is not that of manager of such affairs, we, well amost half of us vote for that person. The role of the journalist is neither prosecutor nor journalist. Nonetheless, being absent that authority does not reduce the power or importance of a good journalistic effort in any community. That I welcome when I see it.

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Kasich on hot seat over Planned Parenthood funding

YtownParent -
If there was no evidence the prosecuting attorney would not have brought the evidence before the Grand Jury.

Regarding your problem with Kasich and other candidates, it is the same moral approach, one that values life, simply because, some people on this earth favor their pocketbook more.

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Kasich on hot seat over Planned Parenthood funding

Planned Parenthood was hardly vindicated by the Texas grand jury. While the grand jury found the process used by the Center for Medical Progress, the grand jury was silent regarding the facts presented for their consideration.

Mr. Snowden sought asylum with our largest enemy for fear of prosecution and conviction. Whatever crimes he may have committed it does not change the actions of several government agencies. The same can be said for those from the Center of Medical Progress.

Regardless of how they are discovered, facts or still facts.

Planned Parenthood would like to claim vindication, a grand jury vindicates no one through a lack of action.

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