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Annual Farm Animal Baby Shower

I've taken my children to this event. They loved it and so did I.

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Bunny breakfast set

What is a Bunny Breakfast? Are the bunnies eating breakfast? Will we be eating bunnies for breakfast? Is the Easter Bunny going to be at the breakfast... There is not enough information here.

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State says Ohio funeral home can't liquefy bodies

There goes another life down the sewers... Nasty...

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Bond set for suspect in city’s latest homicide

According to the,"Smith has prior arrests for domestic violence, theft and violation of a protection order" and "Smith told the court he is employed part time at a child development center". It worries me to think that this person worked at a child development center... What type of children are they developing there?

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Their answer to violence? Parents, mentors, community

Men with criminal records meet in a downtown bar and discuss the problems with Y-town's youth... and that is news? They list jobs like rap artist and owner's of "entertainment" What is that? They sound like unemployed drunken thugs to me.

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Md. gay marriage bill hits snag, returns to panel

Some of the finest people I've ever known live here in Youngstown and are gay. I applaud Maryland for attempting to pass legislation to protect the rights of same-sex couples.

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Man to be released in car-dragging death after only nine months

This was so wrong. My sympathies to Rosemary Culp, for the injustice that has been shown to her and to her son. Judge Evans you make me ill.

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10 charged in underage party in Canfield

What? Canfield youth partying? Go figure? Stay out of Y-town, sweet Canfield babies, the big bad Guardian Angels may get you.....hahahahahahah

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Renowned crime-fighters seek Youngstown volunteers

The Guardian Angels are, "all volunteers and carry no weapons" and "with members easily recognized in the red beret, red jackets and boots" they will be easy targets. Good luck.

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Warren man attacked with gun, hammer in home robbery

The lesson learned here is: pay the drug dealers, or get pistol whipped... or worse.

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