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What’s the criteria for granting immunity?


Thanks for the link - we too had noticed it was "vacant" at times.

There is a rumor that Craig Morford might have to testify in another matter.

Would love to see that.

It would be wonderful Justice - if James Traficant were voted back into Congress (and he learned better this time to use an attorney)

Would really be wonderful if an attorney were to partner with him - to be a True reformer against, tyranny, cronyism and corruption.

Keep up the good work!

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What’s the criteria for granting immunity?

If you are going to report on the James Traficant Carafo debacle

Please report the facts.

Not only did Carafo not face incarceration - what JT was really incarcerated for was a car he bought from Carafo that broke down - a rental car was given to make due while the repairs were sought.

The person who owned the rental car agency was Okolo - who refused to do the perjury that Morford sought - so they deported him see Okolo's remarks

The one witness that was pressured to lie - confessed that he was threatened to do so by Morford - that was Detore - who went before Congress on C-SPAN and told the whole Truth.

C-SPAN has yanked down the story (wonder why)

Many persons on Vindy previously voiced about this issue,49...

Report the Whole Truth Vindy

and do the Right Thing for your community and your country!

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