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The Scrapaper players are all very fortunate to have a many like Fryman leading them. He will not only teach them about baseball; but about life as well!

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Struthers cop on paid leave after domestic violence charge

Will the new police chief and mayor fire him...or will he enter a 30 day alcohol rehab program?
I'll pick the rehab program.

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Opening of North Side Pool makes big splash with youths

How long will it be before a huge fight breaks out or the pool is trashed some night?

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Ruling on Coitsville education in dispute

Does anyone want to send their children to Youngstown Publlic Schools? When a local television station wanted to come into the schools and have a look at the hallways and classrooms, Dr. Webb banned them....wonder why!

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Powerful congressman to speak at annual Dem dinner

Barney Frank will come into town and promise monies for certain projects...and he will delilver. And, no one will ever ask him about his role in Freddie and Fannie!
And, my bet is there will be close to a thousand people in attendance!

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Ohio advocate for homeless pleads guilty to theft charge

That Volunteer Rescue Mission has solicited monies in our area and it did make people think it was our local Rescue Mission. Glad he was caught!

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‘Joy just took over’

Could not have happened to a nicer young lady! Congratulations to Erin and her family!!

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Did J.J. Cafaro get what he deserved?

JJ will do it again and he probably will throw some of his 'buddies' under the bus on the Oakhill investigation!

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A Valley summer tradition should be protected from thugs

It's too bad people cannot enjoy good friends; good food and a few nights of fun and make some money for the church...the thugs have to spoil it!

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