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Would you prefer a lump-sum stimulus check or a $10 bump in your weekly paycheck spread out over the year to get the economy moving again?

Personally I think ,with the way the economy is today,thanks to former President Busch whom I didn't vote for ten dollars may seem to be a lot for some struggling families right now.I think it is a shame that we are the richest Country in the nation and this is all the Gov't can do to help it's people.we have no jobs,health care,go to work everyday,and now have to decide to pay a bill,or buy my prescriptions,or groceries.people lost homes! come on now.

Why couldn't the plan be to help pay people mortages to keep them in their homes,and keep families together.why pay the banks<there still in trouble,at least the people could have gotten their homes back,and the banks would still make money.Where is all the money?Busch gave everybody 300.00 ,he got that right back,because gas was so high middle class had to use it to keep gas to get to work. I overheard people with good jobs stating how they were going on vacation wuth the money they received.that was nice! hope they had a nice time.The Gov't owes me nothing, i am truly blessed,I have a job i struggle but I stand on God not the Gov't.It wouldn't hurt to give a little to boost the economy,something someone could work with,the elderly,kid programs.everyone should have received a check to purchase a t.v since they want to change how we look at t.v but what they give a coupon, thanks.for this to be America,i don't know it's pretty darn, scary we are talking about peoples lives and livelyhood,senior citizens that paved a way,and for what to be disrespected like this.God Bless us All.

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South Side house riddled with bullets

Before we start getting dirty and personal,people should stop pointing out different sides of town. Boardman,Austintown are no different than any other parts of the world,crimes happen in your areas to.I have picked up the vindicator plenty of times,and read articles where you leave Boardman and austintown,and come to Youngstown where everyone think the crimes so terrible,and buy your drugs and beer and go home.but you didn't quite make it got pulled over ,and got busted with your drugs.crime is everywhere.and as for wanting to tear down peoples homes,because of the crime,it would,t be a house standing, not even yours.Yes the crime is higher in some areas than others,way more action needs to be taken,parents should take time and raise their children,when will the violence stop?kids shouldn't be dead at15,but it's happening,we need to pull together,work together on making the streets safe,and saving the children of today so they will be here tomorrow.God bless us All.

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